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Build trust with enhanced fraud prevention

Strike the perfect balance between fraud prevention and customer acquisition to stop fraud, not growth. The Real Identity Platform features AI-powered fraud prevention solutions that protect your brand and reputation from identity fraud. Stay ahead of stolen and counterfeit documents, sophisticated forgeries, and emerging technologies such as deep fakes and generative AI fraud.

Read the Identity Fraud Report to understand the latest trends, threats, and techniques in fraud prevention.

Discover emerging identity fraud trends

Think like a fraudster

The findings from our Identity Fraud Report 2024 are in. What’s the verdict? Fraudsters are going digital, from document manipulation to deepfakes. Read the report for more fraud trends, insights, and techniques to help keep fraudsters out from day one.

Read the report
Identity Fraud Report 2024
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Our fraud prevention solutions are trusted by over 1,100 businesses, ranging from billion-dollar enterprises to high-growth start-ups. The Real Identity Platform is simple to integrate and makes staying ahead of the latest attack vectors just as easy.

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35% reduction in fraud

After switching to Onfido’s Document and Biometric checks

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99% reduction

In time to verify a customer at onboarding

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93% reduction

In fraudulent accounts compared with microcharge verification

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38 seconds faster

Average results delivery compared to previous provider

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Fraud prevention software

Let customers in, keep fraudsters out

Fraud is a professionalized industry, and it’s more sophisticated than ever. You need a solution that can keep up, without getting in the way of business growth. Create trust in customer identities at onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle. Our enhanced fraud prevention allows you to quickly identify fraudsters before they access your services.

Prevent fraud before it impacts your business

Protect your business revenue by preventing fraudulent attempts at the door using AI-powered identity verification. Safeguard your systems, customer privacy, and brand integrity, all while growing your business and your bottom line.

Get award-winning Fraud Detection solutions
Frictionless Fraud Protection

Adapt to emerging fraud techniques

Fraud is constantly evolving, and you need a provider who can keep you two steps ahead. Onfido’s award-winning Atlas™ AI is developed in-house and has been trained on millions of verification attempts, meaning that it’s fine-tuned to keep up with emerging fraud threats such as synthetic identities and deep fakes. Our in-house Fraud Lab stays at the cutting edge of identity fraud and continually trains and benchmarks Atlas against the latest attacks.

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Onfido Fraud Lab

Acquire more genuine users

Fight fraud without putting more obstacles in the way of your customers. Identify fraudsters with a suite of passive device signals to reduce friction for genuine users, or layer in award-winning solutions from Onfido’s Verification Suite as a step-up mechanism with no code.

Build layered fraud prevention
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Fraud prevention solutions

A multi-layered approach to fraud prevention

All our products are designed to prevent fraud at scale. Build your ideal combination of signals with no-code workflows using Onfido Studio to meet your unique business requirements.

Document Verification

AI-powered document verification that supports 2,500+ document types worldwide.

Document Verification

Biometric Verification

Award-winning solution that verifies 95% of users in seconds and protects against 2D/3D masks and deepfakes.

Biometric Verification

Repeat Fraud Detection

Protect against repeat fraudulent documents and biometrics, with zero additional friction for good users.

Repeat Fraud

Smart Capture SDKs

Detect emulators, fake webcams, and injection attacks to prevent sophisticated fraud.

Smart Capture

Onfido Studio

Create no-code workflows, adapt to new fraud patterns, and reduce friction by stepping up verification when you see early signs of fraud.

Onfido Studio

Fraud Feedback Loop

Directly and programmatically report fraud cases via API to power rapid iteration based on merging fraudulent behaviors.

Developer Hub


Fraud prevention involves a mix of technology and tactics used to detect and stop fraud attacks. 

Biometric verification, document verification, and fraud detection can help you prevent fraud and keep your customers, assets, and reputation safe. The Onfido Real Identity Platform includes a library of fraud detection solutions alongside document and biometric verifications and trusted data sources brought together on a single platform. Onfido Studio within the Real Identity Platform allows you to orchestrate the right mix of verifications and signals for each region and level of risk, making fraud prevention simple.

Our document and biometric checks are overseen by world-class experts, who have worked alongside INTERPOL to train government agencies on document fraud detection. It’s also truly international identity verification, covering over 2,500 document types from 195 countries.  For specific fraud prevention tactics, read the 5 must-know anti-fraud strategies.

Fraud detection technology, including passive fraud signals in combination with biometric and document verification, trusted data sources, and deduplication technology can be effectively used for fraud prevention.  Education is also an effective fraud prevention measure. Stay up to date on the latest fraud trends by reading the Identity Fraud report.

Levels of identity fraud risk differ from business to business. Therefore, it’s important that your online identity verification lets you set a balance between identity fraud prevention and frictionless user experience that matches your risk appetite and customer base. We offer tailored configurations, so your identity verification works for both your business and your customers.

You can choose the right solution to get the results you want, from light-touch document verification to multi-layered checks including facial biometrics. No matter the configuration you choose, our unique mobile SDK lets you build the ideal flow to get your customers from A to B. Real-time feedback and glare detection mean that they’re not left frustrated with identity verification checks and they can get started sooner.

Fraud prevention is important because it helps protect both your business and customers. Fraud hurts a businesses’ bottom line – in the form of revenue lost to fraud and chargebacks. It can also seriously impact your brand's reputation. Customers want to know they can rely on and trust your business. The more susceptible you are to fraud the less likely they will return.