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Build trust with enhanced fraud prevention

Strike the perfect balance between fraud prevention and customer acquisition to let good customers in and keep fraudsters out. The Real Identity Platform offers advanced fraud detection that helps you avoid damage to your brand and reputation while keeping customer data safe.

Read the Identity Fraud Report to understand the latest trends, threats, and techniques in fraud prevention.


Discover emerging identity fraud trends

The Identity Fraud Report is based on proprietary data and features expert analysis and guidance on fraud detection and prevention. Learn why identity fraud has become a numbers game, with fraudsters favoring quantity over quality, why digital forgeries are increasing, and why fraudsters have turned their attention to national identity cards.

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Onfido Identity Fraud Report 2023
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Discover multi-layered fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

Let customers in, keep fraudsters out

Build trust in customer identities from onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle. Enhanced fraud prevention allows you to quickly identify fraudsters before they access your services.

Protect your brand and bottom line

Protect your business revenue by preventing fraudulent attempts at the door using secure identity verification. Safeguard your systems, customer privacy, and brand integrity, all while growing your business and your bottom line.

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Frictionless fraud prevention

Identify fraudsters before they access services using passive signals that present zero friction for genuine customers while keeping fraudsters out. Staying ahead of today’s digital fraudsters involves a mix of fraud prevention technology, deduplication techniques, and education.

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Frictionless Fraud Protection

Enable compliance and risk management

Ensure your business remains compliant with AML and KYC regulations with adverse media, PEPs, and sanctions watchlist solutions. Avoid penalties and fines by ensuring risk controls and audit trails with accurate reporting.

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Fraud prevention involves a mix of technology and tactics used to detect and stop fraud attacks. 

Biometric verification, document verification, and fraud detection can help you prevent fraud and keep your customers, assets, and reputation safe. The Onfido Real Identity Platform includes a library of fraud detection solutions alongside document and biometric verifications and trusted data sources brought together on a single platform. Onfido Studio within the Real Identity Platform allows you to orchestrate the right mix of verifications and signals for each region and level of risk, making fraud prevention simple.

Our document and biometric checks are overseen by world-class experts, who have worked alongside INTERPOL to train government agencies on document fraud detection. It’s also truly international identity verification, covering over 2,500 document types from 195 countries.  For specific fraud prevention tactics, read the 5 must-know anti-fraud strategies.

Fraud detection technology, including passive fraud signals in combination with biometric and document verification, trusted data sources, and deduplication technology can be effectively used for fraud prevention.  Education is also an effective fraud prevention measure. Stay up to date on the latest fraud trends by reading the Identity Fraud report.

Levels of identity fraud risk differ from business to business. Therefore, it’s important that your online identity verification lets you set a balance between identity fraud prevention and frictionless user experience that matches your risk appetite and customer base. We offer tailored configurations, so your identity verification works for both your business and your customers.

You can choose the right solution to get the results you want, from light-touch document verification to multi-layered checks including facial biometrics. No matter the configuration you choose, our unique mobile SDK lets you build the ideal flow to get your customers from A to B. Real-time feedback and glare detection mean that they’re not left frustrated with identity verification checks and they can get started sooner.

Fraud prevention is important because it helps protect both your business and customers. Fraud hurts a businesses’ bottom line – in the form of revenue lost to fraud and chargebacks. It can also seriously impact your brand's reputation. Customers want to know they can rely on and trust your business. The more susceptible you are to fraud the less likely they will return.