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Identity verification

Digital identity verification that protects your business and safeguards growth


Pockit’s relationship with Onfido allows us to grow and fulfil our mission, safe in the knowledge that we remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

Alexandra Geca

Fraud Manager, Pockit

Online identity verification needs to address your conflict between risk and growth

Businesses have always needed to verify identity. But as the world has moved online, the need for digital identity verification has become clear. When your customer isn’t in the same room—or city, or continent—how can you be sure they are who they say they are? Failure to know your customers’ identities can result in fraudulent activity, resulting in revenue loss through chargebacks, reduced platform trust and ultimately brand deterioration.

Beyond this, an identity verification service also needs to help businesses address key conflicts. On one hand, protecting your business’ reputation and revenue means reducing the risk of fraud, and helping you to comply with KYC identity verification requirements. On the other hand, healthy growth requires best-in-class customer experience and low friction.

How can you verify ID and deliver against both of these conflicting requirements?

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Digital identity verification lets you build a bespoke, trusted identity profile

Identity verification technology helps establish the legitimate online identity of the people accessing your product or service.

But verifying identity isn’t one-size-fits-all at Onfido. You can layer our solutions, from one to many, to build up the level of knowledge and trust you need to be confident that your customers are who they say they are.

You can start with a database identity check to get a sense that your customer exists. Adding Document Verification will strengthen your confidence that they are who they say they are, by confirming that they’re using a valid, genuine identity document. The most complete digital identity verification layers biometrics on top of document verification. Adding Onfido Biometric Verification ensures that person trying to access your platform is the actual owner of the document, and is physically present.

Let us help you discover the identity profile that works best for your business

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Higher security, better customer experience: the Onfido identity verification advantage

Digital identity verification can have equal benefits for your customers and your business. With Onfido’s identity verification, your business doesn’t need to compromise between a simple and seamless user experience, scalability, and fraud prevention.

You get stronger confidence in the digital profiles of the people accessing your services. Plus, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’re mitigating compliance risk by addressing KYC requirements for identity, or age verification obligations.

You can also build more intimacy with your users, and offer a more bespoke customer journey. Our focus on your user experience minimizes onboarding drop-off, abandoned carts, and rejection rates.

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Secure technology designed to drive growth, supporting conversion and scale

Onfido’s unique and customer-centric identity verification SDK helps you build a flow that guides your users from first interaction to “verified”. The SDK protects your customers from failed submissions and drop-out with real-time blur and glare detection, making sure they only need to submit once.

Our solutions are also designed to help you scale without the overheads. Onfido’s hybrid model uses a combination of AI and human experts to balance both ID pass rates and reviews with scale, freeing up your manual operations team to concentrate on other tasks.

And we’re also a truly international ID verification solution. Onfido supports 2,500 identity documents across 195 countries.

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Reduce manual processing and decrease drop-off

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Revolut saved an estimated 3,165 hours of manual processing over 6 month period by switching from Jumio to Onfido.

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Drivy decreased their user drop-off during onboarding by 23% due to quick turnaround times and a frictionless onboarding experience.

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