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Identity verification

Onboard new users faster and efficiently with an end-to-end identity verification solution. The Real Identity Platform brings together a suite of ID verifications, no-code orchestration and AI-driven analysis to support your onboarding cases. Verify identities in over 195 countries to help grow your business. 


Guide to Digital Identity Verification

Download this report to discover how the identity verification landscape has shifted, why businesses should opt for optimized approaches to verification, and where the future of onboarding is heading.

A guide to digital identity verification
All-in-one ID verification solution

Verify any customer, anywhere

Simplify the identity verification process for both you and your customers with an end-to-end platform.

All your ID verification needs in one place

Choose from a comprehensive library of solutions in the Onfido Verification Suite, including award-winning document and biometric verification, global data verification, and fraud detection signals. 

Verification Suite
All in one place

Tailored verification experiences

Rather than funnel every customer through the same journey, tailor workflows based on risk and geography. Ditch a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and configure flexible onboarding with Onfido Studio. And now, you can try Studio for free.

Onfido Studio
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Fast and accurate AI analysis

Onboard more customers faster with fully-automated identity verification. Atlas™ AI processes 95% of identity verifications in under 10 seconds, reducing friction for genuine customers.

Atlas™ AI
Identity Verification

How can Onfido help your business?

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Drive customer conversions

Improve conversion rates at onboarding with near-zero friction capture experiences, fast turnaround times, and high clear rates to get more genuine customers through the door. Global document coverage means you can easily scale into new markets.

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Satisfy global compliance

Satisfy KYC and AML regulations utiilizing a suite of verifications - including document and biometric verification, data validation solutions like ID Record, Watchlist screening, and Proof of Address. Customizable workflows allow you to funnel each customer through the right journey, so you stay compliant without compromising on growth.

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Enhance fraud prevention

Stay protected from sophisticated fraud and its associated costs without impacting the experience for genuine customers. Passive fraud detection signals such as geolocation and device integrity safeguard customers with zero friction, while Atlas ™ AI provides a scalable, accurate, and consistent layer of defense against multiple fraud vectors.

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Reduce acquisition costs

Reduce customer acquisition costs with powerful automation and fewer manual processes. Automate customer verification and reduce friction with fully-automated identity verification.

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Identity verification built around your business

Whether you’re looking to reduce fraud, meet regulatory compliance, or digitize, experiences the Real Identity Platform can help.


Identity verification is the process of confirming a person’s identity. Businesses complete ID verification for a number of reasons including to confirm users are eligible to access their services, prevent impersonation fraud, and meet regulatory requirements. Identity verification can be completed in a number of different ways. You can verify identity documents, match photo IDs to facial biometrics, and validate user-provided data against trusted sources.

One of the most common ways of verifying identity is by analyzing identity documents like passports, driver’s licences, or national identity cards. At Onfido we help businesses complete remote identity verification — most commonly by verifying documents remotely, and matching a users facial biometrics to their ID document. Here is a full list of the identity verification documents we support.

Electronic identity verification (eIDV) is the process of conducting identity verification without meeting the person face-to-face. Increasingly, users are rejecting travelling to a store or branch to provide documentation — instead choosing to sign-up for services that let them onboard and verify their identity remotely.

Many businesses are required to verify the identities of their customers by law. This is often known as know your customer (KYC) regulation. It’s most commonly required for financial services businesses and part of anti-money laundering (AML) programs to prevent fraud, money-laundering, and terrorist financing. You can learn more about how to verify identity for KYC and AML purposes in the UK, US and EU in our Compliance Manager’s Guide to Identity

The best way to complete ID verification is highly dependent on risk tolerance, regulatory requirements, and how much friction is appropriate. Most commonly we see businesses undertake:

  • Document and biometric verification to confirm the legitimacy of a user’s identity document, and that it’s being presented by its rightful owner.
  • Data validation to validate user-provided information such as their name, date of birth, and address against trusted data sources such as credit databases and electoral registers. 

You can take our interactive tour to discover all the solutions included in our Real Identity Platform.

We take great pride in working with our customers to integrate best-in-class user experiences that automatically tailor themselves to each user using Onfido Studio — our no-code workflow builder.

It’s also important to optimize the capture experience based on your service — ask for identity verification at the right time, and take care to explain to your users why it’s necessary.

Learn more in our blog: 3 ways to improve your verification experience.

ID verification is often necessary to meet non-negotiable regulatory requirements and to prevent fraud. Identity verification processes can be manual and costly for businesses to complete, especially at scale. We created the Real Identity Platform to allow businesses to:

  • Harness the power of AI — enable them to onboard users in seconds without building vast manual teams
  • Maximize onboarding conversion — convert more good customers by minimizing friction
  • Reduce fraud costs — stop more fraud before it can impact their bottom line

Learn more in our blog: 3 ways ID verification reduces customer acquisition costs.

ID verification is always evolving because so are customer expectations, fraud techniques, and regulatory requirements. We’re always innovating to stay ahead of the curve, and deliver the best possible business results for our customers. To learn more about the future read our co-founder, Husayn Kassai’s article: What will digital identity look like in 2025? And our VP of Design, Mark Opland’s interview with Think Digital Partners.