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Satisfy global compliance

Navigate evolving regulatory and compliance requirements across core markets and regions. Built by a team with deep market knowledge, the Onfido Real Identity Platform helps you satisfy KYC and AML compliance regulations without hindering growth. 

Read the Compliance Manager’s Guide to Identity Verification for KYC and AML to make compliance your competitive advantage.


Today’s compliance landscape

Our Compliance Manager’s Guide breaks down today’s compliance landscape, outlining key US, UK, and EU regulatory requirements. Learn what to consider when building an onboarding tech stack for KYC and AML programs, as well as how to optimize onboarding flows for compliance and user experience.

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Verify customers to meet regulatory compliance requirements

Satisfy global compliance requirements and set your business apart from the competition by supporting secure, fast, and scalable identity verification.

Keep pace with regulations

Changes to the political and economic landscape add additional pressure to stay up to date. Onfido helps you reduce business and reputational risk by addressing varied and evolving regulatory requirements.

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Keeping pace with regulations

Enter new markets faster

Proactively expand wherever your business takes you, whether new markets or new use cases. Respond quickly to market changes and regulatory requirements by building automated, flexible, and unique workflows that move users of different risk profiles through the right verification at the right time with Onfido Studio.

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Keep your brand and customers safe

Ensure your business remains compliant with AML and KYC regulations while minimizing fraud exposure with PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media solutions. Comply with confidence with audit logs, accurate reporting, and granular result breakdowns.

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