Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Report

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Report

Learn about Onfido’s real businesses benefits, as experienced by our customers and quantified by Forrester, and how to calculate the ROI we can deliver for your business.

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Discover the ROI of Onfido

Forrester Consulting quantified the real business benefits delivered by Onfido. They found that Onfido delivers value in three key areas.

  • 26% increase in customer conversion
  • 27% increase in fraudulent accounts detected
  • 30% decrease in time spent onboarding

Delivering an overall ROI of 261%.

The interviews and financial analysis found that a composite organization experiences benefits of $13.64 million over three years versus costs of $3.77 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $9.87 million and an ROI of 261%.


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