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Smoother registration, age verification and user experience

In today’s online retail world, giving your customers the very best user experience is key to stay ahead of the competition. And that starts with the onboarding process.

Onfido’s document verification helps remove friction at account opening by quickly and easily detecting whether a government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent. All the user needs to do is take a photo of their ID—it’s entirely remote.

And if you need to do age verification checks for purchases of restricted goods, Onfido document verification takes care of that too. We’ll confirm a user’s date of birth by verifying their ID to help you manage and reduce risks at checkout.

Plus, with the Autofill function—which prefills any form by extracting data directly from the user’s ID—the whole experience is even faster and smoother than ever before.

Optimize user onboarding
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Unlock revenue that's lost to blocking chargebacks

Setting up chargeback prevention initiatives on your platform isn’t just best practice for any eCommerce company, it can make or break your business. In fact, retail chargeback costs reach an astronomical $40 billion per year.

But in blocking potentially fraudulent purchases, you also stop some legitimate ones. Onfido's identity verification solutions let you verify legitimate users caught in the crossfire, and unlock more revenue.

Setting up document or biometric verification on your platform will help you make sure the user trying to make a purchase is legitimate—and not a fraudster.

Whether you want to perform this check for all users at checkout—or at key moments for just a few—Onfido will help you keep legitimate users on track with their purchase, whilst still minimising the risk of chargebacks.

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Build trust on your platform by preventing account takeovers

No matter what you sell online, protecting your genuine users from fraud is key—especially when it comes to account takeover.

It’s important that your users can log back into their account easily. But customers save a breadth of information on their account, including sensitive payment details. So they need the assurance that no one can take over their account and make fraudulent purchases.

Balance these concerns by adding a facial biometric step to your identity verification process. The user takes a selfie or short video. Our technology then assesses their facial biometrics and analyzes if they match the person in the ID. So you’ll have the tools to decide whether the user is genuine and the true owner of the ID—protecting you and your customers from impersonation fraud.

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