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Biometric verification

Protect your business from stolen IDs and impersonation fraud with facial biometric verification.

Enhanced fraud protection

Biometric verification adds a layer of protection against stolen IDs and impersonation attacks. Our AI-powered verification catches fraud without compromising on conversion, and is trained to detect attack vectors such as edited photos, submissions of screens, printed images, and masks.

Navigate global KYC and AML compliance

Navigate global compliance needs

Configure biometric verification and layer with other signals and trusted data sources in Onfido Studio. Navigate regulation and risk by using verifications that suit your needs.

Discover Onfido Studio

Offer a best-in-class capture experience

Whether customers are coming via web or mobile, we’ve got an experience to match. Smart Capture guides them through the capture process with real-time feedback to maximize conversion.

Our cross-device workflows let customers complete checks on their mobile device, before directing them back to their computer to complete sign-up.

Choose the capture experience that’s right for you

Deploy static or video biometric verification using Onfido Studio. Navigate regulation while minimizing friction or maximizing security – it’s all about your needs.


A customer takes a selfie as part of their verification – we guide them through the process with real-time feedback. We run passive liveness analysis to assess if the selfie is legitimate.


A customer takes a short video selfie. We ask them to turn their head and say a sequence of three numbers to confirm they’re live and present, plus run the same passive analysis.

How it works

Biometric capture

After capturing their photo ID, a customer is directed to take either a static selfie or short video selfie.

Onfido Verification Suite Simple

AI-powered analysis

Atlas™ AI then generates a score based on the similarity of the faces seen in their selfie and ID. Additionally, it runs liveness checks to identify photos of photos and screens, 2D and 3D masks, and image upload manipulation.

Actionable results

Actionable results

The results are returned via the Onfido dashboard or API. We deliver both a topline result of clear or consider, and detailed breakdowns so you can see why a decision has been made.


35% reduction in fraud rate after switching thanks to Onfido's doc and selfie checks

15% increase in customer conversion with more customers activating their KOHO card

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