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Balancing frictionless service and regulation

Balancing regulatory requirements with business growth is tricky business. For healthcare providers, pharmacies and prescription providers going digital, you need to ensure that medication goes to the right people. But how do you fulfill regulatory requirements whilst providing a good customer experience, without causing significant drop-off and abandoned baskets?

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Know your patients, protect your patients

With Onfido’s Document Verification, you can assess whether a government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent. It helps you decide that the patient accessing your service is who they say they are, protecting both of you from medical identity theft and prescription fraud. 

All your patients need to do is take a photo of their ID using their mobile. The process is entirely remote.

And we cover driving licenses and state IDs for all 50 states in the USA, plus more than 2,500 document types from 195 countries. We even support multiple scripts and languages.

Our in-house, industry-recognized experts are also on-hand to train your team on how to prevent fraudulent bad actors accessing your service.

minimise friction

Make patient experience your competitive advantage

Fulfilling regulatory requirements and building best-in-class user experience doesn’t have to mean compromise.

Onfido’s user-centric technology ensures the sign-up and verification process is super smooth—whether you’re checking a customer’s identity document, or layering Biometric Verification on top.

Plus, our SDK enables you to build a workflow that works for you. Need to verify a patient on sign-up? Only want to verify patients at checkout for high-risk medications? We’ve got all options covered.

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Onboard more patients and keep operational costs down

To improve accuracy and safeguard verification pass rates as you grow, Onfido combines machine learning powered AI with human fraud experts.  So your workforce can focus their attention where it’s most important.

Secure your business and your conversion rates

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Revolut increased number of users verified and onboarded by 39% in just 1 month.

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5x more users verified and onboarded, with the exact same Operators team.

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Onfido uses 256-bit SSL encryption 100% of the time on every device.


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