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Verification Suite

Data Verification

Navigate the complexities of global regulatory requirements by validating customer identities with trusted data sources. Meet KYC, AML, sanctions and PEPs screening requirements by comparing user data against global and local databases.

ID Record

Meet KYC and age verification requirements by accessing databases in over 160 countries, including voter registers, consumer, credit, and utility databases. We validate data against data sources specific to the geography of the applicant and return results via SDK, dashboard, or API, so you can automate decisioning and next steps for the applicant.

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Watchlist Monitoring

Meet sanctions screening requirements with watchlist checks and ongoing monitoring. Tailor searches to your needs by selecting which sanctions lists, adverse media categories, and PEPs lists to access. Our watchlist databases are constantly refreshed and indexed so there’s no compromise on reliability or speed.

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Watchlist monitoring

Proof of Address

Verify an applicant’s address to meet KYC onboarding requirements. Our proof of address report offers best-in-class analysis to verify submitted documents, ensure their integrity, and validate that the address matches the applicant.

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AAMVA check

Access trusted data from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) database to match identity data against local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) records, so you can detect fraudulent identities.

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India Tax ID

PAN verification validates a user’s identity with a fast, friction-free, low-cost solution that matches the attributes provided by a user with official records. The return response confirms whether or not the attributes matched in seconds.

India Tax ID
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Lewis Tuff, Lead Platform Engineer, Revolut

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