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Our mission is to make digital identity simple for everyone. We power open, secure, and inclusive relationships between businesses and their customers around the world. 

Our journey

12 years young

Founded in 2012, Onfido – pronounced ‘on-fee-doh’ – is derived from the Latin “Confido” which means “I trust”. We help over 1,100 companies create trust with their customers. We’re a force of 600 Onfidoers across the world.

Circle with 2012 inside

Three friends who met at Oxford University move to London and start Onfido. Husayn, Eamon, and Ruhul start looking for investments to broaden access to services online by making identity verification more accessible.

Circle with 2013 inside

The Saïd business school at Oxford grants initial seed funding of $30,000. The team builds an ID Record Verification solution and win their first client.

Circle with 2014 inside

The trio moves into their first office in Paddington. They get to work building a team to widen the capabilities of their ID record solution and hire 15 Onfidoers to join their team.

Circle with 2015 inside

By now 62 Onfidoers are working together in Covent Garden. Our Seed A funding raises $4.5 million. The first four company values are codified: Succeed Together, Take Pride, Learn Things and Share Them, and Find a Better Way.

Circle with 2016 inside

We bring our document and biometric verification solution to market and open our first U.S. office in San Francisco. 118 Onfidoers are now working to create a more open world, where identity is the key to access.

Circle with 2017 inside

We launch our SDK and it’s integrated by our first major fintech client. We now have five offices worldwide and have completed over 2.2 million verifications.

Circle with 2018 inside

We introduce biometric video liveness technology, file our first patents, and publish our first technical papers. We’ve now caught over 500,000 fraud attempts for our clients, and partnered with more and more innovative companies.

Circle with 2019 inside

There are now 277 Onfidoers across eight offices. 2.6 million Slack messages have been sent. An immeasurable amount of coffee has been drunk.

Circle with 2020 inside

We have to go remote, but our spirit endures. We zoom our way to become a team of 400+. We continue to grow worldwide and achieve 237% sales growth in the U.S.

Circle with 2021 inside

We continue to expand our product offerings, surpassing over $100 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and reaching 600 Onfidoers worldwide.

Circle with 2022 inside

We launch our Real Identity Platform with the objective of making identity verification simple for everyone. We also add Motion, the next generation in biometric liveness technology.

2023 icon

We acquire Airside to transform digital identity to be shareable and user-controlled. Users will verify once, store credentials on their device, then share to instantly access services.


We are acquired by Entrust, forming the most comprehensive portfolio of AI-powered, identity-centric security solutions on the market.

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Mike Tuchen

Digital life starts by securing a real identity at onboarding. Entrust and Onfido put identity at the heart of digital-first experiences. Together we give businesses — from financial services, governments, workforces, and beyond — a single, AI-powered platform to meet global regulatory needs, fight the world’s most sophisticated fraud, and enable seamless access throughout the customer lifecycle.

Mike Tuchen, CEO, Onfido


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Compliance certifications

We help hundreds of businesses navigate compliance worldwide. Our solution meets ETSI TS 119 461, ETSI EN 319 401, eIDAS Regulation EU 2014/910, and the UK Government's Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.