Entrust and Onfido: a new era of identity-centric security is here

We’re excited to share that Onfido is now officially part of Entrust. This means, starting today, we're embarking on a journey to combine our solutions and begin a new era of identity-centric security. Together we'll solve the most challenging security problems facing financial services, enterprises, government organizations, and the transportation industry, all in one comprehensive package.

With fraud topping $500B in 2023, money laundering reaching a staggering $3T, and AI-powered deepfake fraud up 3000% year-over-year, knowing the real identity of your customers has never been a bigger challenge. That’s where our two companies come in: giving businesses around the world the tools to exceed their customers’ expectations, without leaving the door open to fraud.

Digital life starts by securing a real identity at onboarding. Entrust and Onfido put identity at the heart of digital-first experiences. Together we give businesses — from financial services, governments, workforces, and beyond — a single, AI-powered platform to meet global regulatory needs, fight the world’s most sophisticated fraud, and enable seamless access throughout the customer lifecycle

For financial services institutions, Entrust and Onfido is the platform for all security and compliance needs. From verifying customers, onboarding and instantly issuing physical or digital payment cards at day one, to confidently reauthenticating customers at moments of risk, to enabling access to new solutions at day two and beyond. With trusted, real identity at the center, financial institutions can secure the full customer lifecycle. 

For enterprises looking for robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to protect and secure their workforce or customer base, Entrust and Onfido provide the infrastructure they need to manage real identities and verify at moments of risk. With Entrust’s security infrastructure and Onfido’s state-of-the-art AI developed in-house for over a decade, we’re empowering enterprises around the world with a smarter approach to managing risk.

Studio, our no-code workflow solution, allows businesses to easily build and design best-in-class digital journeys leveraging the full suite of Entrust and Onfido’s security solutions — from identity verification, authentication, to e-signature and payment method issuance — businesses can create industry leading customer experiences.

And finally, our recent acquisition of Airside and its shareable identity solution will support Entrust as they revolutionize the consumer experience for government and transportation digital identity use cases.

To find out how Entrust and Onfido’s identity-centric security solutions can help you, reach out to us directly, or visit us at RSAC next month.

A Message of Gratitude

I want to recognize the hard work that has powered 11 and a half years of consistent innovation and led us to this exciting next stage of our journey. We've built the world's best end-to-end onboarding platform, serving over 1,200 customers worldwide. We’ve grown Onfido to over $140M in revenue, all with a worldwide team of 500 employees in 11 countries. And most importantly, we saved our customers over $6B in fraud-related losses over the last year and a half alone, and opened up access to a variety of digital services that the unbanked and underbanked never thought possible.

This is something to be incredibly proud of and I want to thank our customers and partners that have placed their trust in us and helped us along the way. I also want to thank our investors including: Crane, Eurazeo, Fin Capital, M12, Salesforce Ventures, Talis Capital, TempoCap and TPG Growth for their continued support over the years. Here’s what some of them had to say about their journey with Onfido:

We recognized the vision and potential of Onfido's founders from our first meeting. Investing early, we happily offered steadfast support through every challenge and milestone. We're proud to have been part of this journey, contributing to a new era of identity-centric security. This is a testament to the power of first believers and foundational partnerships, realizing transformative outcomes.

Scott Sage, Co-founder and Partner at Crane Venture Partners

Early on we saw the true potential of the Onfido team, the technology they were developing and vision of making digital identity the key to more easily accessing services and preventing fraud. They've come a long way since then, and now count some of the largest financial services companies and enterprises as customers. We're incredibly proud of the journey we've been on with Onfido and wish them all the best in their next chapter with Entrust.

Matthieu Baret, Managing Partner at Eurazeo

At TempoCap, our goal is to identify and help nurture tech companies with the potential to revolutionize industries. With TempoCap's support, Onfido has not only achieved but surpassed its goals, setting new benchmarks for success in the tech sector. This acquisition by Entrust marks the beginning of a new chapter for Onfido, one that will be filled with further achievements and innovations. We are proud to have been part of Onfido's story, and we look forward to seeing their continued impact on the world of digital identity verification.

Matthew Knowles, Operating Partner at TempoCap

Onfido was an early mover in the world of identity verification and today, as fraud tactics are becoming increasingly sophisticated and widespread, Onfido’s trusted, digital-based identity verification tools are more vital than ever. We invested in Onfido with a deep conviction in the company’s unique data assets and differentiated, hybrid-first approach and over the course of our partnership, the company has further expanded its platform while growing revenue at an impressive clip. It’s been a privilege to partner with Mike and his team and we look forward to following Onfido’s continued success in its next chapter with Entrust.

Mike Zappert, Partner at TPG

Importantly, I also want to thank every Onfidoer past and present for their hard work, commitment to our company values, and for making identity simple for everyone with inclusion, security, convenience, and privacy at its core.

Thank you for making all of this possible, and we’re excited to embark on our next chapter with Entrust.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to the strong team of advisors at Wilson Sonsini and Morgan Stanley who supported us tirelessly through the sale process and provided expert guidance.

Mike Tuchen, CEO of Onfido