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Onfido Studio

Build and manage multiple identity verification experiences to meet customer and market requirements. Onfido Studio allows you to orchestrate verification flows using the entire verification suite and flexible, no-code workflows.

Mission control for identity verification

Automate tailored experiences

Automate tailored experiences

Trigger the right experience for every customer with workflows that respond to changing market conditions.

No code workflow

Build no-code workflows

Simply drag and drop document, biometric, and data verifications, and fraud detection signals into your customer journey.

Navigate global KYC and AML compliance

Navigate KYC and AML compliance

Introduce new verification methods, data sources, and fraud signals to address global regulatory compliance requirements at scale.

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Tailored workflows

Tailored workflows

Quickly build workflows that move each user through the right verifications at the right time. Onfido Studio allows you to tailor and optimize verification flows that respond to changing market conditions.

  • Expand into new geographies

  • Align with changes in internal policies

  • Adjust for risk tolerance

  • Navigate KYC, AML, and other compliance requirements

  • Monitor evolving sanctions

Responsive capture experience

Responsive capture experience

Create a world-class onboarding experience that is easy to use and optimized for fraud prevention. Onfido Smart Capture is a flexible, easy-to-integrate SDK that improves first-time pass rates and increases document and selfie capture success.

  • Image quality enhancements

  • Face detection

  • Advanced document capture features 

  • On-device fraud detection, including device tampering

  • WCAG level 2.1 accredited for accessibility

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Actionable results

Actionable results

Know why decisions have been made at every stage of the workflow with the help of comprehensive results and intuitive insights. Define custom logic to automate decisioning and eliminate the need for manual review.

  • Analyze workflow performance

  • Access granular results

  • Get results in a dashboard or through an API

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