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Age verification

Accurately and reliably verify a customer’s legal age and restrict access for minors to comply with regulations and maintain brand integrity. 

Fast and accurate age verification

For any business that has age constraints or sells age-restricted products, meet age verification requirements without impacting user experience.

Minimize friction

Verify customers are of legal age without adding friction. Create tailored workflows that fit your requirements and minimize drop-off — for example add verification at onboarding or at checkout. Our solution works across devices, so no customer gets left behind.

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Satisfy compliance

Ensure customers meet age criteria and satisfy due diligence with Onfido's Verification Suite — all without impacting the user experience.

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Prevent fraud

Leverage Onfido’s document verification to safeguard against fraudulent IDs. Add biometric verification to confirm customers are who they say they are. For example, be sure that minors aren’t submitting a parent’s ID.

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Discover Onfido for age verification

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Document Verification

Verify customer IDs in seconds with low-friction, fast, and accurate document verification. Onboard customers wherever they are — we support 2,500+ documents worldwide.

Document Verification
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Biometric Verification

Combine with document verification to protect against stolen IDs. After submitting a photo of their ID, customers snap a selfie or simply turn their head. Our technology matches the photo on the ID to their biometric signature.

Biometric Verification
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Pre-populate sign-up forms to remove user friction, ensure data integrity, and boost conversion. Autofill extracts data from a presented ID and automatically fills sign-up forms, removing the need for customers to manually enter information.

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Onfido Studio

Build and manage customer verification experiences to meet business requirements. Create no-code drag-and-drop workflows and automate tailored experiences.

Onfido Studio

Why choose Onfido for age verification?

Our solution verifies the age of customers in seconds so you can satisfy compliance requirements and protect against fraud.

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