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Customer Age Verification

Verify the age of your customers, with confidence

With Onfido, make identity verification for AML and KYC compliance work for you.

Remitly, Inc.
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Onfido consistently delivers higher pass rates than any other provider—and they’re able to do this without compromising on speed or security. This has helped significantly reduce the cost of manual review as we onboard more new, global users to our platform.

Nate Spanier

VP Global Payments and Expansion, Remitly

Onfido have really aligned with our priorities, working with us to achieve our desired delivery by rapidly responding and iterating on their offering. Direct contact between our engineering teams has fostered a mutually beneficial partnership – identifying problems early, collaborating on solutions and improving the overall integration.

Lewis Tuff

Lead Platform Engineer, Revolut

  • Don’t risk your reputation over age verification

    If you operate within Healthcare or Gaming, or sell age-restricted products, regulation has never been tighter. Your online age verification processes must accurately and reliably restrict access for minors. Regulators can and will hold your business accountable. And they’re aligned on one essential point—to simply ask “are you over 18?” or “are you over 21?” may no longer be enough. It doesn’t qualify as age verification, nor does it prove due diligence.

    Get age verification wrong and your company could face closure.

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    Get a fast and reliable “yes” or “no” answer

    Onfido’s Document Verification extracts the date of birth from a presented ID. Crucially, it allows you to verify that the person creating an account, or making an online purchase, is over a specified age. You can make fast, informed decisions based on a reliable, binary recommendation, while satisfying due diligence.

    Adding biometrics gives you more security. By comparing a selfie or video with the presented ID, we provide you with a score based on how similar the two faces are. So you can decide if the person really is who they say they are. It ensures that minors aren’t simply presenting a parent’s identity document.

    doc OCR

    Create an age verification process which works for your customers

    Age verification doesn’t have to compromise user experience. If you’re a gaming company, Onfido can perform identity checks at onboarding. If you’re a retail business, we can do them at checkout. Whatever your need, we make the experience work for you with our customizable SDK. Plus, our SDKs work across all platforms—from desktop, to tablet, to smartphone.

    Turn compliance into a conversion booster. Optional OCR Autofill extracts data from a presented ID, and uses it to automatically fill sign-up forms. It takes the burden off your users—they don’t even have to type.


    Protect your global expansion with extensive document coverage

    If your business is looking to expand—or already operates globally—we’ve got you covered. We process more than 2,500 document types from 195 countries. So we can help you verify identities of customers all over the world, and on a state-by-state basis.

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