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Identity Fraud Report: Guide to fraud detection

Download Onfido's Fraud Report for insights into emerging threats and the latest fraud prevention techniques.

Key identity fraud trends

Stat 1   44 percent

increase in identity fraud rates

Stat 2   57 percent

increase in difficult to catch fraud

Stat 3   X2

increase in weekend fraud attacks

How can we help?

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Reduce fraud losses

Protect your revenue by stopping more fraud at the door. Safeguard your systems and customer privacy, and maintain your brand integrity, all while growing your bottom line.

Fraud Detection

Let good customers in, keep fraudsters out

Build trust in customer identities throughout the lifecycle. Identify fraudsters before they access your services with passive signals that offer zero friction for genuine customers.

AML and KYC Compliance

Enable compliance and risk management

Ensure your business remains compliant with AML and KYC regulations. Avoid penalties and fines by ensuring risk controls and audit trails with accurate reporting.

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27% increase in fraudulent accounts detected equating to a cost reduction of $4.2M

The Total Economic ImpactTM of Onfido


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Powerful fraud prevention technology

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  • Zero-friction fraud signals 

  • Monitor device integrity, geolocation, and IP reputation

  • Instant analysis powered by our Atlas™ AI

  • Over 10,000 models trained to detect specific fraud markers

  • 54% year-over-year improved document fraud accuracy

  • 2,600 document types from 195 countries covered

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