Cover and inside page of Identity Fraud Report 2022

Understand the latest identity fraud trends and threats, plus get fraud prevention advice in our Identity Fraud Report.

Our report is based on proprietary data and features analysis from our in-house fraud experts. Read it now to learn why:

  • Identity fraud is increasing
  • Fraudsters are targeting passports over other documents
  • Attack patterns have shifted from weekdays to weekends

increase in difficult-to-catch fraud

driven by more organized crime

increase in weekend fraud attacks

as fraudsters shift their attack patterns

What you’ll learn in the Identity Fraud Report

Identity fraud has risen 44% since 2019. Consumers and businesses alike have moved rapidly online over the last few years, and fraudsters have followed suit. Put simply, more online activity means more opportunities for fraudsters.

But as we head into 2022, which fraud trends are here to stay, and have any new ones emerged?

This report examines the fraudulent trends and techniques that have emerged over the last year, as well as best practices your business can put in place for fraud prevention.

Learn why identity fraud has increased 44%, why sophisticated fraud is becoming more prevalent, and why fraud is now twice as likely to occur at the weekend.

27% increase in fraudulent accounts detected equating to a cost reduction of $4.2M.

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