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Onfido Verification Suite

Meet KYC and AML compliance, risk, and user requirements using our comprehensive library of identity verification solutions. The Onfido Verification Suite includes award-winning document and biometric verification solutions, data verifications, and fraud detection signals.

All the identity verifications you need in one place

Onfido Verification Suite Flexible


Get a full suite of trusted data sources and identity verification services.

Onfido Verification Suite Simple


Get multiple ID verification services and signals with one API integration.

Onfido Verification Suite Configurable


Tailor user experiences around specific fraud and regulatory compliance use cases.

Document and biometric verification

Document and biometric verification

Our award-winning document and biometric verifications create confidence at onboarding by verifying a photo ID and selfie. Renew confidence with strong biometric authentication at high-risk moments.

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Data verification

Data verification

Access databases that help you navigate KYC and AML compliance, age verification, and sanctions screening requirements. Choose the trusted data sources that make sense for you and get results in seconds.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection

Keep genuine users happy while detecting potential fraudsters. Leveraging a mix of passive fraud signals and AI, the Onfido Verification Suite helps you quickly verify users during onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle.

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