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Use a library of global verifications and signals to verify identities with minimum friction, catch sophisticated fraud attacks, and address compliance needs at scale.

Document Verification

Use identity documents such as a photo ID to confidently know your customers. Our automated analysis, powered by Atlas AI, classifies documents in milliseconds and supports over 2,500 documents in 195 countries.

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Biometric Verification

Ensure identity documents are presented by their rightful owners. Our biometric verification matches a photo ID to facial biometrics captured in the same flow. You can choose verification using Selfie or Motion. Selfie requests a static photo and passively checks for liveness. Motion requests a video selfie to protect against sophisticated attack methods.

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Data Verification

Fulfill compliance regulations such as AML with a suite of financial crime and compliance signals — from PEPs and sanctions, to adverse media and proof of address. Choose the trusted data sources that make sense for you and convert customers in seconds.

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Fraud Detection

Unleash the power of phone and device intelligence to accurately distinguish between trusted and fraudulent behaviour at onboarding. Harness intelligence related to devices, locations, identities and threats without impacting the experience of genuine users.

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Explore the entirety of the Real Identity Platform, and experience an interactive tour of Onfido Studio — learn how to build, measure, and deploy workflows.

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You can orchestrate different verifications and signals in Onfido Studio. It’s a drag-and-drop workflow builder that enables the automatic routing of users to different verification journeys. High-risk customers can be routed to higher-assurance flows, low-risk customers can be sent to low-friction workflows — so you can maximize security without compromising on conversion.

Yes. With support for documents in 195 countries, automated global biometrics and a wide range of data verifications, the suite offers global coverage designed to scale with your expansion strategy.

We’re always expanding our services — in the past 12 months we’ve upgraded our biometric verification with Motion capture. Added passive fraud intelligence signals. And we’re always improving Atlas to be fairer, faster, and more accurate.

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