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Use case

User onboarding

User onboarding is a meeting point of risk and opportunity. It’s a crucial moment to catch fraud — but too much friction can result in customer drop-off. That’s where the Real Identity Platform comes in.

Onboard with confidence

The Real Identity Platform brings together a suite of verifications, no-code orchestration, and AI-driven analysis so you can create effective onboarding journeys.

Onboard users the first time

Route users to the right workflow by starting with low-friction data verifications, and routing them to higher-friction verifications if needed. Smart Capture SDK's real-time glare and blur detection maximizes conversion and pre-fills forms with data collected from an ID.

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Navigate global compliance

We verify identity in 195 countries for 900+ global businesses. Meet KYC and AML identity verification obligations by designing workflows that meet your requirements. Verify age with document verification, and validate user data to ensure they aren’t sanctioned or classified as high-risk.

Navigate global compliance
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Reduce risk without friction

Our analysis is powered by Atlas™ AI. It’s made of 10,000+ micro models trained to look for individual fraud markers — detecting up to 50% more document fraud than generalized approaches.

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Discover Onfido for user onboarding

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Verification Suite

A comprehensive library of document and biometric solutions, trusted data sources, and fraud detection signals.

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Onfido Studio

Onfido Studio is a no-code orchestration solution – simply drag and drop checks and signals to design workflows that meet your onboarding requirements, and automatically route customers to the experience that best suits them.

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Atlas Dashboard

Atlas AI

Atlas AI powers Onfido and provides fair, fast, and accurate identity verification. Built in-house by a dedicated team of researchers and engineers, Atlas delivers fully-automated identity verification with 95% of checks completed in seconds, and 54% improved fraud accuracy year-over-year.

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Smart Capture SDK

Smart Capture SDK

Our Smart Capture SDKs make capturing and uploading documents and biometrics a breeze. They’re designed to work for everyone featuring cross-device journeys and WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility features.

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Onboarding shouldn’t compromise on conversion or security

The Real Identity Platform gives you confidence in user identity without compromising on experience. Orchestrate workflows that meet your risk, compliance, and experiential objectives, and automatically route users to the right workflow — so your onboarding experience isn’t one-size-fits-all.