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Player verification for gaming

Meet KYC and age verification requirements at onboarding with seamless identity verification. Orchestrate a suite of verifications and signals to stay compliant and stop bonus abuse without compromising on user experience.

What should you look for in an identity partner?

Read the gaming operator’s guide to learn how identity verification can help you: 

  • Navigate KYC and age verification requirements
  • Maximize conversions with a superior UX
  • Protect revenue from bonus abusers and duplicate accounts
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Why verify players?

Meet compliance mandates, stop fraud, and improve the player experience.


The partnership provides the identity verification technology and expertise we need to deliver an industry-leading offering. It enables us to automate many of our KYC processes and integrating it into our existing technology is proving to be seamless, making onboarding much smoother for our customers

Boris Chaikin, CEO, Soft2Bet

How Onfido can help

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Identity verification

Protect your business by reducing fraud, protecting valuable systems, and safeguarding your customers. Choose your ideal blend of signals from Onfido’s Verification Suite to establish trust in your users.

Discover identity verification
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Age verification

Verify that players are of legal age to sign up. Onfido’s smart document verification checks players’ ages via database or document check.

Discover age verification
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Onfido Studio

Maximize customer conversions by creating tailored verification flows with our no-code orchestration layer, Onfido Studio. Minimize drop-off by creating the right flow for every customer, from ID checks to higher-assurance document checks.

Discover Onfido Studio
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Fraud prevention

Protect your bottom line from fraud by catching more bonus abusers and duplicate account registrations at scale with Onfido.

Discover fraud prevention
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Atlas™ AI

Make decisions on who can access services, quickly. Automate decisioning with instant analysis powered by Atlas AI.

Discover Atlas AI

Why choose Onfido for age verification?

Our age verification service verifies a customer’s age in seconds, with global support, flexible no-code workflows, and a user experience built for conversion at scale.

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