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Identity verification for the sharing economy

Securely grow global and local communities with seamless peer-to-peer transactions, accurate identity verification, and fraud prevention.


Guide to Digital Identity Verification

Download this report to discover how the identity verification landscape has shifted, why peer-to-peer platforms should opt for optimized approaches to verification, and where the future of onboarding is heading.

A guide to digital identity verification

Know and protect your users

Verify the identities of your users to create safe and trusted peer-to-peer platforms. Allow seamless digital access while stopping bad actors with Onfido’s powerful suite of verification methods.

How can Onfido help?

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Protect your business and customers

Verify users’ identities to prevent fraud, build trust in your platform, and ensure peer-to-peer transactions are safe and secure. Onfido’s Verification Suite offers document and biometric verification solutions, data verifications, and fraud detection signals — offering flexible solutions to match varied risk tolerances.

Verification Suite

Create trust, not friction

Make it easy for sellers, riders, and home-sharers to sign up, and easy for buyers to check out. Create tailored onboarding experiences based on geo, market, and risk appetite with Onfido Studio. Orchestrate flows using a range of verifications and flexible, no-code workflows.

Onfido Studio
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Create confidence in seconds

Create confidence in user identity by verifying a legal ID. Our document verification analyzes identity documents with pixel precision thanks to Atlas™ AI. Pair with biometric verification to ensure that a document is being presented by its rightful owner.

Document Verification
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Access trusted data sources

Verify user-provided data against trusted sources in seconds — combine with higher-assurance solutions to create workflows that start with the lowest-friction option.

Data Verification
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Stop fraud at the door

Catch more fraud and ensure users feel secure doing business with one another using passive fraud detection signals. Onfido’s Fraud Detection helps you strike the balance between acquiring new, genuine customers and stopping fraudsters to minimize risk and protect your bottom line.

Fraud Detection
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