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Document Verification

Create trusted user identities with Document Verification.

Traditionally, you have to rely on signals to trust a new user - on a device IP, a phone number, or credit database look-up. But these signals can also be abused by fraudsters.

This creates constant uncertainty, so you can’t focus on the user's experience, and instead start treating them with suspicion.

Onfido Document Verification lets your users scan a photo ID from any device, before checking it’s genuine.

Combined with Biometric Verification, it’s a seamless way to anchor an account to the real identity of a customer.

Customer registration and onboarding

Point of Risk

Account Takeover

Account Recovery


Onboard more. Onboard better. Drive revenue.

Most users are honest. So Onfido’s Document Verification makes their experience of your product smooth and easy. We help you eliminate the root causes of drop-off.

Open up access

We cover over 2,500 document types from 195 countries, so we can help you process thin-file and international customers. We support multiple scripts and languages.

Let good customers through

Onfido’s hybrid approach combines AI and expert human analysts for the highest completion rates (90%).

Make it easy for them

Give your customers the best user experience, with fast response times, cross device flow and accessibility features. Onfido’s SDKs also include features like live feedback, for better UX.

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Effective against the 6 key pillars of document fraud.

Fraud is always innovating. Luckily, so is our technology.

Onfido Document Verification catches up to 98.7% of ID fraud attempts—and as our AI evolves, our accuracy improves.

Using the best combination of human and machine learning fraud detection, we protect your platform against the 6 key types of document fraud:

  • Forged documents

  • Counterfeit documents

  • Blank stolen documents

  • Fantasy or camouflage documents

  • Impostor or ‘look-a-like’ documents

  • Compromised documents

This system, combined with biometrics, gives you the best protection against identity fraud.

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Scale fast, with global coverage

Onfido is here to help you expand internationally. We cover documents across 195 countries, operate in 7 offices across the world and support key global scripts in addition to Latin.

And if you want to scale in volume, rather than in global reach? We help with that too. With Onfido’s machine learning, you won’t need to worry about overwhelming your internal team when volumes spike.

And we offer granular result breakdowns, so you can build automated workflows and improve customer experience. So you’ll cut the need for manual escalation in the first place.

How is Onfido’s Document Verification different?

Our machine-learning driven fraud techniques catch more sophisticated fraud attacks, and learn quickly to spot new fraud vectors.


The SDKs prevent failed submissions. Onfido detects blur and glare, and gives users live guidance—so users only submit once.

Document Experts

Our team of internal document experts are among the best in the world. They’ve partnered with Interpol to advise governments, border security and document printing companies—and now, you. Unlike other providers, Onfido does not charge extra when fraud experts handle a case.

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