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Proof of address (POA)

Onfido’s proof of address (PoA) report enables the capture, verification and upload of PoA documents. Allow customers to submit a supported document – such as a bank statement or utility bill – via mobile, desktop or across devices. All as part of one simple onboarding step.

Proof of address documents

Navigate global KYC and AML compliance

Verify PoA documents

Customers submit a PoA document – we check the document’s quality and authenticity, and validate the data.


Navigate AML regulations

Verify PoA as part of customer onboarding and meet AML directives across the US, Canada, UK and Europe.


Increase efficiency

Remove the time-intensive and manual part of PoA and perform checks as part of existing identity verification processes.

Proof of address

Proof of address examples

Onfido’s proof of address (PoA) report is one way we help businesses satisfy data verification.

How does proof of address work?

During onboarding, customers submit a PoA document for verification via mobile, desktop or across devices.

We check the document for authenticity, a valid issue date, and that information on the document matches what is provided by the applicant, for example during a document check

We provide a breakdown of results in the Onfido dashboard.

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What documents count as proof of address?

Onfido supports the following proof of address documents.

Bank statement

A bank statement or building society statement issued within the last three months.

Utility bill

A utility bill such as electricity, water, gas, broadband, or telephone issued within the last three months.

Council tax letter

UK only, a council tax letter issued in the last year.

Benefits letter

UK only, a benefits letter such as job seeker allowance, house benefits, or tax credits issued in the last year.

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