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Driver registration

Bring your driver onboarding online—without putting your business at risk

Onfido improves the speed of our identity verification process. They enable us to be much more flexible in adapting the verification criteria, which means a better verification experience for our international user base.

Product Owner, Snappcar

Onfido is a fantastic partner to work with. Their mobile first facial and document verification is helping us to achieve our core mission of convenient car rental, while improving the safety of our platform. It benefits everyone.

Rajesh Bysani

CPO, Zoomcar

  • How to catch bad actors, before they enter your platform and damage your fleet?

    Verifying your renters is expensive. Not just in terms of operational costs. It adds friction to the onboarding process, increasing your user drop-off rates—often drastically.

    But knowing your users’ identities is essential. It acts as a deterrent for bad behavior and can save you significant costs from vehicle theft and damage. The question is, how do you balance user convenience with secure identity proofing?

    Protect your users, vehicles and business by spotting risky renters

    With Onfido, it’s never been easier to catch bad actors before they enter your platform and cause damage to your fleet.

    Our driver verification is quick, easy and entirely remote. All the user needs to do is take a picture of their driver’s license. Our machine learning powered algorithms then analyse it, and detect whether it’s genuine or fraudulent.

    If you need to do age verification checks, our driver verification solution takes care of that too. We’ll simply confirm a user’s date of birth by verifying the data from their driver’s license.

    Make driver onboarding a breeze. And watch your business grow

    With Onfido, there's no need to compromise on user experience to catch risky renters.

    Our user-centric approach makes sure the online process is super smooth—even where you need to ask renters for more information to verify their identity.

    For example, our OCR Autofill extracts data from the user’s driver’s license and uses it to automatically prefill the sign up form for them. Easy.

    Plus, our SDKs work across all platforms—from desktop to tablet and smartphone. Whether at a self-service kiosk or standing in front of a vehicle, users can pick what works best for them, and even seamlessly switch between devices.

    Scale globally. Keep operational costs down

    Fast-growing companies find that they can quickly lose momentum when demand surges.

    To safeguard your pass rate, Onfido combines machine learning powered AI with document fraud experts. Our AI returns accurate analysis at volumes far beyond human capacity. Our human document experts step in when there are grey areas, allowing our platform to deliver granular and accurate results at scale. This allows you to focus your workforce where it’s most important and makes sure your agents have all the information they need to make fast, informed decisions.

    And with seven offices spread across North America, Europe and APAC, Onfido can give you identity verification services with a truly global reach. We cover more than 2,500 document types from 195 countries, including over 2,000 driver’s license documents, and even support multiple scripts and languages.

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    Keep your business secure, your vehicles safe and your renters happy


    Car theft attempts reduced by 22%, while increasing the number of users verified and onboarded by 39%


    5x more users verified and onboarded with the same operators team

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