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Verification for drivers

Quickly verify the identity of your renters, drivers, and riders, stay compliant, and protect your fleet. The Onfido Real Identity Platform enables powerful orchestration of a global suite of verifications and signals, and is automated by Atlas™ AI.


Guide to Digital Identity Verification

Download this report to discover how the identity verification landscape has shifted, why ride-sharing and rental platforms should opt for optimized approaches to verification, and where the future of onboarding is heading.

A guide to digital identity verification

Keep users and your fleet safe

Keep drivers, riders and your assets safe while meeting regulatory requirements and stopping fraud.

How Onfido can help?

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Document Verification

Verify driver’s licenses in seconds with low-friction, fast, and accurate document verification. Customers are guided to capture a photo of their driver’s license and we assess its authenticity, and extract the driver’s age, and license classification. Our document verification supports licenses from over 195 countries, so you can onboard global drivers and expand into new geographies with ease.

Document verification
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Biometric Verification

Customers snap a selfie or turn their head in a quick video, and we match their facial biometrics to the photo ID on the driver’s license to ensure drivers are who they say they are.

Depending on your risk requirements customers take a selfie or short video, and we match their facial biometrics to the photo on the  license. Analysis is powered by our proprietary Atlas™ AI, and returns results in seconds.

Biometric Verification
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Pre-populate sign-up forms to remove user friction, ensure data integrity, and boost conversion. Customers simply take a photo of their ID, and the data is extracted to seamlessly populate forms.

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Access the entire database of the American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators’ 38 states DMV records with a single integration. Combine Onfido’s AAMVA check with Onfido’s document and biometric verification for robust fraud prevention.

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Onfido Studio

Build and manage driver or rider registration experiences to meet customer and market requirements. Build no-code, drag-and-drop verification workflows to automate tailored experiences based on market and geography.

Onfido Studio
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Atlas™ AI

Get fair, fast, and accurate identity verification. Atlas delivers fully-automated identity verification with 95% of checks completed in under 10 seconds, and 54% improved fraud accuracy year-over-year.

Atlas™ AI
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