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goUrban is a leading provider of SaaS solutions tailored for corporate fleets and shared mobility services. Offering versatile options across different use cases (pre-booking, station-based, free-floating, etc.) and allowing for multi-modality, goUrban serves a diverse clientele ranging from shared mobility startups and large corporations to car dealerships and municipal utilities. As a B2B SaaS provider, goUrban integrates seamlessly with various stakeholders, including vehicle manufacturers, IoT providers, and payment platforms, to deliver efficient solutions enhancing vehicle utilization, reducing carbon footprint, and improving overall customer experience.

The challenge: 

Struggling to accommodate specific verification rules across convoluted workflows, numerous regions, and specific use cases, goUrban realized that it needed to make adjustments to their identity verification process in order to improve user experience and grow their business. Specifically, goUrban faced challenges in meeting the diverse needs of its clientele and adapting to evolving regulatory requirements across various markets.

The solution:

Recognizing the need for a more robust verification solution, goUrban turned to Onfido's extensive suite of verification tools, including Motion and Document checks, facial similarity, Known Faces, and Autofill. Onfido Studio emerged as a critical asset, empowering goUrban to customize verification flows and select pre-configured workflows to more easily align with country-specific regulations requirements for its clients.

The results:

The strategic collaboration between goUrban and Onfido yielded transformative outcomes, including:

  • Streamlined decision-making: By integrating Onfido's solutions, goUrban achieved a significantly faster and easier decision-making process. Studio’s flexible model allowed goUrban to outsource decision logic effectively, reducing the complexity of internal workflows. Now, goUrban collaborates more closely with its clients, tailoring verification processes to users’ specific needs without overwhelming them with excessive settings. As a result, goUrban enhanced operational efficiency and responsiveness, leading to smoother interactions with clients and improved satisfaction levels.

  • Enhanced operational flexibility: goUrban is now able to address diverse verification requirements across different regions and use cases. Using its newfound flexibility and  adaptability, goUrban navigates regulatory complexities more effectively, ensuring compliance while accommodating the unique needs of its clientele. As a result, goUrban bolstered its competitive edge, proving it could deliver tailored solutions to meet the evolving demands of the shared mobility market. goUrban is currently operating in more than 100 cities globally.

  • Improved User Experience (UX): With goUrban’s simplified verification process, they have been able to reduce friction and enhance accessibility for its users. Onfido enables verification of over 2,500 different documents, facilitating seamless scalability for goUrban's future growth. The Autofill feature proved particularly valuable in guiding users to select the appropriate documents quickly, streamlining the verification process without sacrificing accuracy. As a result, goUrban enhanced user satisfaction levels, driving increased engagement and loyalty among its client base. Additionally, the adoption of Onfido's solutions contributed to a safer and more secure platform, instilling trust and confidence among shared mobility stakeholders.

Moving forward, goUrban is focused on sustaining its growth trajectory and further expanding its reach across different markets. Onfido remains an integral part of goUrban's strategy, empowering the company to deliver safer, more reliable services to its diverse set of customers, notably shared mobility operators and corporate fleet managers as well as car dealerships.

Onfido is a real asset for our platform. It helps us build safer, more reliable sharing services that have already helped us gain the trust of shared mobility and corporate fleet players. Onfido's solutions have been instrumental in achieving our security objectives.

Bojan Jukic, Founder and CEO of goUrban