Amiqus is the UK’s market-leading compliance platform for legal, recruitment, public sector and financial services — helping 500+ organizations to effectively meet regulatory requirements when onboarding new staff. In today’s Right to Work, Right to Rent environment, it’s essential for employers and landlords to have confidence in their applicants’ digital identity while offering minimal hassles to the applicant. 

Amiqus and Onfido partnered to provide identity verification for screening checks and recently  received the UK’s Trust Framework certification. By combining Onfido’s Document Verification enhanced with NFC analysis and Biometric Verification, Onfido supports Amiqus' candidate screening process, Right to Work, and DBS checks. 

Hear from Callum Murray, Founder and CEO of Amiqus to find out more.

We worked really closely together around Onfido providing a core solution for photo ID and digital identity aspect of the onboarding step.

Callum Murray, Founder and CEO, Amiqus