Working with STEMettes to improve diversity in technology

Jo Barnett

Jo Barnett is Onfido's Director of Learning, Culture and Belonging. She has a passion for supporting young careers and inspiring people to learn, particularly women.

Onfido is taking steps to help improve diversity in the technology sector. They have been working with STEMettes, an organization that helps girls and young women be successful in STEM subjects and STEM careers. 

Recently, they ran their first bootcamp of 2021 covering broad topics for young women between the age of 15-25. I led a bootcamp on creating a great CV/resume. We covered everything from layout to how to research a company and understand its culture and approach so that it can be reflected in your CV. 

We talked about the technology industry and tech startups and I shared some experiences on how to connect to startups on social media, how to research investment and growth news on LinkedIn and things to particularly avoid on a CV so that it stands out for the right reasons. 

I've also been helping with articles in Stemzine, their publication for the same groups that cover a multitude of topics including the roadblocks many women face in Tech and how to navigate your career successfully. My most recent article is on making a career plan when you don't necessarily know where you want to end up! How to self reflect and focus on your areas of growth and development and take charge of tackling them.

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