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Identity made simple

Use a complete, AI-powered identity verification solution to power open, secure, and inclusive relationships between you and your customers. The Onfido Real Identity Platform helps you reduce the cost of customer acquisition, onboard new customers, detect fraud, and satisfy KYC, AML, and other global compliance requirements.

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Introducing Onfido Motion

Our next generation biometric verification featuring 100% automated analysis and an intuitive capture experience. It’s simple for users, tough for fraudsters.

Onfido Motion

How can Onfido help your business?

The Real Identity Platform brings together a suite of verifications, no-code orchestration, and powerful AI that helps you meet the specific needs of your business.

Onfido Acquisition

Customer acquisition

Reduce the cost of user acquisition with automation that makes user onboarding easy.

Onfido KYC and AML Compliance

KYC and AML compliance

Meet global and local regulatory compliance needs, including KYC, AML, and age verification.

Onfido Fraud Detection

Fraud detection

Stop fraud without creating friction for your customers or compromising growth.

What is the Onfido Real Identity Platform?


End-to-end identity verification platform

The Real Identity Platform is designed to make KYC and AML compliance, fraud detection, and customer onboarding simple.

Verification Suite

Verify customer identities using a comprehensive library of global verification services and signals.

Onfido Studio

Build no-code workflows to tailor ID verification experiences for market conditions, geographies, or risk tolerance.

Atlas™ AI

Get fair, fast, and accurate identity verification powered by Onfido Atlas, our in-house AI built to reduce bias.

Discover the Real Identity Platform

Global leader in digital identity verification


Fully-automated performance

The Real Identity Platform improves fully-automated performance by 12x year-over-year.

Checks completed in seconds

Checks completed in seconds

Atlas AI automates identity verification to deliver 95% of checks in less than 10 seconds.

Lower false acceptance rate

Lower false acceptance rate

Atlas AI effectively safeguards against bias, improving false acceptance rates (FAR) by 10x.

Everything you need for easy integration

We help businesses make identity verification simple in 195+ countries

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Orange S.A.

38 seconds average faster results delivery, compared to their previous provider

‘Onfido has really aligned with our priorities, working with us to achieve our desired delivery by rapidly responding and iterating on their offering.’

Lewis Tuff

Lead Platform Engineer

2 minutes to activate a number on e-SIM enabled devices

Customers are looking for solutions that are easily available - the way they need them, and whenever they need them. Onfido helps us bridge that gap, enabling us to know our customers in a fully online manner.’

Artur Stankiewicz

Chief Marketing and Digital Officer

15% increase in customer conversion

‘Onfido sets the gold standard in terms of client onboarding. Acting as a true partner, we felt supported with best practices and knowledge sharing.’

Peter Lu

Credit and Lending Product Lead

2 minutes for a customer to have their identity verified

‘We’re building a digital-first, customer-first banking service, going above and beyond the ‘benchmark’ set by branches. A key part of that is making a sign-up experience that is compliant and frictionless. Onfido helps us to do that.’

Joseph Connelly

Senior Product Manager

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  • How can Onfido help with KYC and AML compliance and fraud detection?

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