Onfido’s CEO Mike Tuchen talks digital identity with Fintech Nexus

May 24, 2022

Onfido’s CEO Mike Tuchen is featured on the latest episode of LendIt Fintech’s (now Fintech Nexus) One-on-One podcast.

Listen here as Mike and LendIt Fintech’s Chairman and Co-Founder, Peter Renton, discuss all things digital identity.

Why is digital identity verification so important?

Businesses are facing growing complexity. Customer expectations are getting higher, and global compliance mandates are becoming more complex, while fraud is getting more sophisticated and harder to stop.

Identity verification is key to helping businesses compete in this complex environment. It’s how they power open, secure, and inclusive relationships between themselves and their customers.

What to expect from the podcast?

Some of the topics up for discussion include:

  • What today’s customers expect when opening an account

  • The keys to getting digital identity right

  • The role of artificial intelligence in fraud detection

  • What financial services can learn from Amazon-like experiences

  • The future of digital identity

Listen to the full podcast

“The world’s getting a whole lot more complex. We’re seeing more regulation in every country, and those regulations aren’t converging, they’re moving apart. We’re seeing as the world moves online, fraud moves online - so the fraud problem is getting more complex. We’re seeing the rise of digital IDs and digital currencies which are affected by all of the above. At the same time, customer expectations are for things to get easier and easier. That’s our goal and mission as a company - to simplify digital identity verification.”

Mike Tuchen, CEO at Onfido

Learn more about Onfido and our digital identity verification solution.

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