Sidehide and Onfido unveil the future of frictionless hotel accommodation

April 8, 2019 Niamh Cassidy

First ever one-click experience allows guests to sidestep the check-in desk.

Mobile hotel booking app Sidehide and Onfido have partnered to deliver a frictionless, one-click hotel experience. The seamless travel experience means that with just a smartphone, users will be able to make a booking, verify their identity and go straight to their hotel room, bypassing the check-in desk.

Based in Switzerland, Sidehide is launching in Berlin and will expand to new cities across Europe during 2019. Sidehide has already partnered with a number of unaffiliated hotels to deliver a frictionless experience for both the business and the guest. Built on proprietary patent-pending technology, its  mobile app allows users to search for, book and check into hotel rooms using just their smartphones. Sidehide is the first company in the world to use Onfido’s AI-based technology for hotel check-in, making it the most secure booking platform ever launched.

Onfido delivers fast, frictionless and secure one-time onboarding and verification of Sidehide users. Rather than queueing to present their identity documents at the check-in desk, guests will be able to take a photo of their identity document and a short selfie video within the Sidehide app, allowing them to progress directly to their rooms. The process removes arduous wait times for users, without exposing hotels to an additional risk.

Unlike other online travel apps, Sidehide is designed to deliver an easy setup for any type of hotel, enabling them to reach more customers, more quickly. With the hotel market worth over $500B last year alone, the collaboration opens up for more affordable accommodation for guests and increased revenue for the hotels. 

“Working with Onfido means we’ll be able to offer a better quality guest experience, as well as enabling hotels to save time on administration. It's a win-win,” said Joakim Hultin, CEO and co-founder of Sidehide. “The hospitality industry hasn't been innovated much – at Sidehide, we want users to ask themselves ‘why hasn’t it always worked like this?"

Husayn Kassai, CEO and co-founder of Onfido, said, “Our mission at Onfido is to build an open world where identity is the key to access, and that’s exactly what Sidehide is creating. We’re excited to be helping evolve the hospitality industry to create a better experience for both guests and hotels”

Read the case study to learn how Sidehide is registering and verifying customer identities in one minute with Onfido.

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