Onfido partnering up with Faroe Islands on digital identity

September 26, 2019 Paul Jarratt

We are proud to announce our partnership with the National Digitalisation Programme of the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are a self-governing archipelago of 18 islands between Iceland and Norway, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Despite being one of Europe’s smallest nations, the Faroese government is highly innovative in its national digitalisation programme, which intends to digitize services for citizens, industry and the public sector in one joint infrastructure. One of the cornerstones of the programme is a national digital identity. The Faroese eID, which will be compliant with EU standards, will be a secure personal key and identification for all citizens. The digital identity will be launched in early 2020 as an app applicable to all citizens above the age of 15. 

“Being an island society, it is important that we can provide all citizens the same good service. Online registration will benefit citizens in the outskirts making it unreliant on time and place. At the same time, we need the registration process to comply with all security standards says Nicolai Mohr Balle, director of the Digitalisation Programme, named Talgildu Føroyar and organized under the Ministry of Finance, Gjaldstovan.

Therefore, The National Digitalisation Programme of the Faroe Islands looked for an eligible partner to enable citizens to safely enroll for their digital identity online. Onfido will supply the identity verification component in the identity app, using our simple, but highly secure methodology to ensure citizens are who they claim to be. 

This work also fits into Onfido’s ethos about the future of identity - we think identity should be ‘portable’ or reusable across any online service, we think customers need a much better and convenient way to easily and securely prove their identity, rather than having to go through endless bespoke identity checks for every separate online service. We’re working to make this vision happen through testing our technology in the UK’s FCA sandbox and we’ll be excited to share our results in the months to come. 

In addition to their progressive digitalisation programme, The Faroe Islands are famous for creating the most viral tourist video of all time and we are excited that they are Onfido’s first government client. You can read more about the digitalisation programme on talgildu.fo

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