Bitstamp selects Onfido to scale customer onboarding

July 19, 2018 Niamh Cassidy

As demand for digital currency trading surges, cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp selects Onfido to scale customer onboarding

Onfido is now working with over 30 cryptocurrency customers to verify user identities as industry faces increased scrutiny around the world

As demand for cryptocurrency trading continues to surge, Bitstamp has selected Onfido to help it scale and onboard new customers. Onfido’s full-stack identity verification platform is now live, helping Bitstamp clear its backlog of customer signup requests following the recent spike in digital currency trading interest.
Founded in 2011 in the UK, Bitstamp, now based in Luxembourg, is one of the largest and longest established bitcoin exchanges globally, with more than 3 million customers registered on its platform.
With demand for digital currency exchanges reaching unprecedented levels, some exchanges have struggled to keep up with demand – either shutting down completely, or seeing substantial backlogs of customer signups and trading requests. During the period from January to November, overall trading volumes at Bitstamp increased by an incredible 1,384%. In December 2017, Bitstamp saw 100,000 customer signups on one day alone.
“Onfido’s powerful machine-learning technology has allowed us to automate our new customer identity verification process, and still maintain our high standards when it comes to KYC,” said Bitstamp CEO, Nejc Kodrič. “We’re already seeing positive results when it comes to speeding up our verification process.”
As consumer interest surges so does regulation. Some countries such as Japan have regulated and implemented Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges already. Other countries, including the UK and South Korea, are currently working on amending existing and establishing new legislation for ICOs.
Onfido CEO and co-founder Husayn Kassai added, “We are quickly becoming the go-to provider for KYC in this space, and are helping make it more secure. We now work with over 30 cryptocurrency companies, allowing them to scale customer onboarding smoothly, and be more vigilant as the digital currency industry faces more scrutiny and regulation.”
Onfido’s ​machine ​learning ​technology platform ​automates identity verification ​for over 1,500 customers worldwide. With just ​a ​photo ​of ​an ​identity ​document ​and ​a mobile ​camera, ​users ​can confirm their identity and ​gain ​access ​to  ​a ​host ​of online services, including financial ​platforms ​such ​as ​Revolut and ​Square, sharing economy companies such as Couchsurfing, and many more. ​Headquartered in London, Onfido is rapidly growing globally, recently having announced its Series C funding from Crane Ventures, Microsoft Venture, Salesforce Ventures, and more.

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