increase in number of customer conversions

as a result of reduced onboarding drop-off

The challenge

Pockit was faced with the challenge of onboarding customers and verifying their identity. As Pockit operates as a digital-only bank, verifying every customer’s identity is crucial. It is also important for Pockit can do this as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

Alexandra Geca, Fraud Manager at Pockit said “If the experience of registering online turns out to be cumbersome for the customer, that’s a customer we may lose”.

This challenge fed into Pockit’s mission to provide banking services to all, while ensuring that all transactions conducted, met its legal and regulatory requirements.

The solution

Pockit’s developers and Onfido’s engineering team worked closely to quickly integrate Onfido’s API solution into Pockit’s platform. This integration ensured that Pockit met its strict KYC & AML regulatory requirements without needing to meet customers face-to-face, or slowing down the customer’s onboarding process.

With Onfido’s next-generation KYC & AML solution, Pockit can quickly and easily check new customer details against international watchlist databases.

Pockit’s relationship with Onfido allows us to grow and fulfill our mission, safe in the knowledge that we remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

Alexandra Geca, Fraud Manager at Pockit

The results

Since integrating with Onfido, Pockit’s new customer conversions have increased by 15%, as a result of reduced onboarding drop-off. Onfido has made it possible for Pockit to realize its own disruptive vision: to make banking safe and available for all.

About Pockit

Pockit’s mission is to make bank accounts available for all, regardless of income or credit status. They are a mobile first online bank with 400k+ customers.