Digital identity is the key to building trust with your customers. But verifying identity can be complicated. You need to navigate changing regulations and protect against fraud, all while delivering an excellent customer experience.

The Onfido Real Identity Platform makes digital identity simple.

It combines award-winning document and biometric verification, trusted data sources, and intelligent fraud-detection signals, giving you a flexible, end-to-end identity solution powered by AI that delivers fast and accurate results.

Verification Suite

The Onfido Verification Suite is a complete portfolio of identity verification and fraud detection products. Choose what you need for customized user journeys.

Our document and biometric verifications can analyze government-issued IDs from around the globe and link a genuine document to a real user’s face.

We give you a library of trusted data sources to run identity record checks, watchlist checks and automated ongoing monitoring. So you can navigate KYC and AML requirements at scale.

Behavioral and device signals help detect fraud before it impacts your business.

Onfido Studio

Onfido Studio is your mission control for identity verification. Our drag-and-drop workflow builder automates decisions and ensures the right journey for every customer.

Smart Capture SDK

Our Smart Capture SDK reduces blur and glare in user images. It supports NFC scanning to minimize user friction.

Atlas™ AI

Atlas™ AI: our award-winning AI built with active bias mitigation.

Thousands of specialized micro-models make Onfido Atlas exceptionally adaptive to enable us to deliver fast, fair and accurate identity verification.

One vendor, end-to-end

The Onfido Real Identity Platform. One solution to help you:  

  • acquire and onboard customers 
  • address compliance
  • reduce acquisition costs
  • and fight fraud
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