Your customers expect fast, safe and fair access to digital services.

A biometric verification solution lets you welcome good customers quickly - and stop bad actors, so that your business can scale safely around the globe.

Onfido Motion is the latest biometric advancement in the Onfido Real Identity Platform, that simplifies digital identity for you and your customers. 

It’s seamless

Intuitive for customers, harder for fraudsters to spoof.

Our next-generation technology means that just a simple head turn gets your customers verified in seconds. Motion’s 100% automation accelerates customer acquisition.  

It’s secure

Motion uses iBeta PAD Level 2 compliant liveness technology, protecting your business against sophisticated digital spoofs, display attacks, and 2D and 3D masks. 

You’ll have anti-spoofing performance that’s 10-times more accurate than before.

And it’s inclusive

So you can scale to serve diverse global customers - fairly.

Motion helps you mitigate algorithmic bias with Atlas - the powerful AI behind the Real Identity Platform.

Built in-house, with privacy principles and security at its core,  Atlas benefits from diverse datasets and over 10 years of research.

Motion is now available in the Onfido Real Identity Platform. 

Get a smart combination of award-winning document and biometric verifications, trusted data sources, and fraud detection signals - so you can verify identity - simply and securely for you and your customers.

Available via our easy-to-integrate Smart Capture SDK. 

Onfido. Digital identity made simple.