How should we respond to the risks posed by AI and disinformation? And can AI be used defensively?

In this episode, Simon talks with Mike Speirs, Customer Director at Faculty, who is working to transform defense and national security capabilities through AI. The two discuss the impact of corporate disinformation, in addition to political disinformation, and the importance of digital literacy.

...interestingly, there was a, there was a 2019 research report which looked into the economic cost of disinformation, which put it around $78 billion annually.

And that was five years ago. That was before we had, the explosion of models that can help create deepfakes; before you had chatGPT that can help guide you through the process of creating deepfakes. So it's, it's very clear that that is now a much smaller number than the economic cost, uh, today.

Mike Speirs, Customer Director | Faculty

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