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Design a secure trusted marketplace to acquire and engage more users than ever before

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The superior level of trust, security and smooth user experience was a deciding factor in choosing Onfido.

Taher Hassonjee

Director of Business Development, RVShare

Onfido allows us to not only verify a member's identity, but also to incorporate a range of checks into our site, providing us with flexibility that not all identity companies are able to provide.

Don Fultz

Head of Trust and Safety, Couchsurfing

  • Profile verification brings more people to your platform and improves user retention

    Verified profile schemes help you catch bad actors on your platform and enable genuine users to elevate their status. This, in turn, builds trust and gives customers more confidence in your services.

    But accurately verifying users’ identities is a high stakes game. Manual processing drastically increases your operational costs and the added friction greatly impacts the user experience.

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    Optimize your onboarding flow. And make it work for you.

    Asking for identity information during the onboarding process is often a big ask for your customers who may not be sure they want to use your services yet.

    The key to bringing more users to your platform and keeping them there is understanding at which point you can ask for additional information so it’s the least cumbersome for them.

    Whether you want to create an opt-in only verified profile or prefer to verify users’ profiles before they start buying or selling, Onfido’s identity verification service can help you reorder your workflow so it works for you and your users.

    And you don’t even have to compromise on user experience to maintain system integrity. Thanks to a user-first approach, Onfido identity verification service ensures a smooth onboarding process at every step.

    For example, Onfido’s SDKs include glare and blur detection, which give real-time feedback to help users effortlessly submit only high-quality pictures for selfie and ID verification. Our SDKs even work across all platforms—from desktop to tablet and smartphone—so users can pick what works for them.


    Build a global community. Scale faster than ever.

    Building a trusted marketplace means setting up profile verification measures that catch bad actors before they enter your platform and cause harm to your business or your genuine users.

    With seven offices across North America, Europe and APAC, Onfido’s in-depth global experience can help safeguard your platform from identity fraud and detect suspicious users—no matter where they are in the world.

    Our identity verification solutions cover over 2,500 identity document types from 195 countries and even support multiple scripts and languages, helping you scale up swiftly, smoothly—and most importantly securely.

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    Help your team make better decisions, quicker.

    Protecting your platform involves building strong identity verification checks. That can add to your operational costs and make the whole onboarding process longer for your users. But it doesn’t have to.

    Through the collaboration of machine learning powered AI and identity fraud experts, Onfido’s identity verification service helps you scale efficiently. We streamline the process and automate the workflow to reduce internal costs and improve customer experience.

    Whenever we perform checks, we’ll give you a detailed report, flagging up anything that needs your attention. These granular breakdowns show you exactly which users are suspicious and why.

    This means that your internal teams can resolve the matter quickly and efficiently—not only saving you thousands of hours in manual review but also making the user journey that much smoother.

    Guide to Digital Verification

    Set up the right profile verification to build trust and engage customers

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    39% increase in users verified and onboarded over 8 months

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    Users verified and onboarded in over 200,000 cities around the world

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