Why choose Onfido over Ubble?

Onfido’s identity verification solution combines global coverage with local compliance fit, helping businesses across the world to reach more customers. Discover Onfido’s Compliance Suite, an off-the-shelf solution designed to offer EU-wide compliance, while streamlining the onboarding experience. 

Supporting documents across 195 countries with highly automated verification, easy-to-use document and biometric capture, and no-code integrations, Onfido is helping regulated businesses across the EU to onboard more genuine customers.

3 reasons to choose Onfido versus Ubble for IDV

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Discover Onfido’s identity verification solution

See what benefits a global provider can offer, from EU-wide compliant onboarding, to a no-code workflow builder and seamless integration.

Meet local regulations with ETSI-certified IDV

Address complex local regulatory needs, including AML/LCB-FT with Onfido’s Compliance Suite. Our off-the-shelf solution combines ETSI-certified identity verification with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) to offer simple, seamless, customer onboarding in EU markets such as France and Romania. 

ETSI-certified identity verification combined with QES is also eIDAS compliant and accepted across the EU. Combined with Onfido’s global document coverage, we’re helping businesses unlock and expand to markets across Europe.

Discover Onfido’s Compliance Suite
A French identity document and electronic signature.

Achieve EU-wide compliance with one provider

While locally approved identity verification approaches, such as PVID in France, can unlock compliant onboarding in local markets, they can block future business expansion.

An ETSI-certified identity solution with global document coverage enables global onboarding with just one provider, offering a more cost-effective way to access multiple markets. Plus, as future AML/KYC regulation evolves across Europe, ETSI-certified identity verification will likely set the customer onboarding standard.

Compare ETSI-certified IDV with local approaches
EU map with compliance journeys

Build flexible, UX-optimized onboarding workflows

From no-code workflows with Onfido Studio, to our out-of-the-box Smart Capture SDKs, to direct API integration, our solutions are all underpinned by our comprehensive developer documentation and designed to offer a UX that converts. 

Create locally compliant verification flows in seconds using Onfido Studio’s drag-and-drop workflow builder, and bring these to life with Onfido’s accessible Smart Capture SDKs. Ubble requires end-users to tilt their document while holding their phone, impacting conversion rates, whereas Onfido simply requires a static photo of an ID. Our award-winning Atlas AI checks for fraud, helping businesses acquire more genuine customers.

Explore Onfido Studio
Document and biometric workflow

Compliance certifications

Onfido’s solution is certified against ETSI TS 119 461 and ETSI EN 319 401, and meets eIDAS Regulation EU 910/2014. It’s also certified against high confidence profiles H1A and H2 under the UK Government's Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.