increase in number of users verified and onboarded

over an 8 month period

decreased drop-off at onboarding

due to quick turnaround times and a frictionless experience

The challenge

Previously, Drivy’s car owners had to meet potential renters in person and verify their ID themselves. Drivy launched a new service, Drivy Open, where the onus of the driver verification shifted from the owner to Drivy.

Drivy began with in-house verification, then integrated with Jumio. But the user drop-off was high, and when Drivy began looking for new providers, Onfido performed better on several metrics, including drop-off and speed.

The solution

Drivy partnered with Onfido to verify drivers remotely and at scale, using our identity document verification service.

The results

As as well as increased numbers, lower drop-off rates and fewer car abuse due to robust driver verification, Drivy were able to quickly integrate and get up and running with Onfido thanks to its comprehensive documentation.

Drivy highlights the personal service from Onfido’s account management team as a key benefit; their comments are actively fed into the product, and they are given priority access to the resulting beta programs. They are glad to have found a partner to grow with them: developing new products and tailoring for the market.

Drivy became an early adopter of Onfido’s advanced facial verification video technology, where the user films themselves reading out numbers and performing randomized movements. Available via our native mobile and web SDKs, this check conclusively prevents user impersonation, while balancing user experience.

About Drivy

Drivy is the leading car-sharing platform in Europe. With over 2 million users, Drivy has 50,000 cars for hire across the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Belgium.