Why choose Onfido vs. Jumio?

Onfido’s Real Identity Platform makes identity simple, enabling seamless, secure, and compliant customer acquisition globally. With Onfido, you can overcome many of the challenges facing Jumio customers today, with no-code integration, a smart capture experience built by and for the world’s most experience-obsessed businesses, and AI designed to prevent up to 50% more fraud than competing approaches. 

See why The Forrester Wave™, G2, the Gartner Innovation Insight report, and KupperingerCole Market Compass all place Onfido amongst the top identity verification providers globally; and why Frost & Sullivan awards Onfido Fraud Detection and Prevention “Company of the Year”.

3 reasons to choose Onfido over Jumio for IDV

Discover Onfido’s
Real Identity Platform

Explore the full range of identity verification solutions and try Onfido’s no-code workflow builder with our interactive demo.

Comprehensive orchestration, no code required

Reduce costs, maximize conversion, and expand into new markets by creating tailored onboarding workflow in Onfido Studio. Compared to Jumio’s KYX solution, Onfido Studio doesn’t rely on pre-built workflows. Simple drag-and-drop orchestration gives your business the tools to deploy the right verification methods and fraud detection signals at the right time, including geo-compliant workflows that conform to identity standards such as ETSI TS 119 641, helping your business get to market fast. 

Jumio - Comprehensive Orchestration

Performance powered by Atlas AI

Onfido Atlas™ is built to provide fair, fast, and accurate verification globally. Traditional identity verification AI struggles to detect emerging fraud, but our micro-model architecture is fine-tuned to detect sophisticated fraud with pixel-precision for documents around the world; and unlike Jumio, we openly publish demographic bias metrics. Leading technology businesses such as Revolut and Drivy switched from Jumio to Onfido and saw immediate reduction in fraud on their platform.

Jumio Powered by Atlas

World-class experiences with Smart Capture SDKs

We’ve designed our Smart Capture SDKs to meet the needs of over 900 experience-obsessed businesses. Simple to integrate on iOS, Android, and web, they’re built to maximize first-time pass rates with assisted capture features including AI-powered glare and blur detection. Onfido’s SDK supports more languages than Jumio’s, and is built with accessibility at its core, enabling businesses to acquire more customers globally.

Jumio media smart capture

Discover Onfido Smart Capture SDK

Deliver smooth, quick, and secure customer experiences. Guide your customers through the verification process seamlessly and discover how Onfido can help your business onboard customers quickly, safely, and securely.

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