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Why choose Onfido over Mitek?

Securely onboard more users while meeting local and global regulatory compliance needs. With Onfido, an Entrust company, you can overcome many of the challenges facing Mitek customers, with a global verification process across 195 countries, seamless, no-code integration, and AI trained to approve genuine customers while preventing up to 50% more fraud than competing approaches. 

Now a part of Entrust, we support the world’s leading financial institutions with a smarter approach to customer onboarding. See why The Forrester Wave™, G2, the Gartner Innovation Insight report, KupperingerCole Market Compass, and Frost & Sullivan all place Onfido as a top identity verification and fraud detection provider globally.  

3 reasons to choose Onfido over Mitek for your IDV needs

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Explore the full range of identity verification solutions and try Onfido’s no-code workflow builder with our interactive demo.

True global performance to drive expansion

As your business grows, you need a partner that can scale with you. Compared with Mitek’s limited market coverage, Onfido’s highly automated solution is built to perform globally, reliably delivering high first-time success rates and accurate fraud detection worldwide, and giving our customers a partner that helps them scale into new markets. Plus we support local document verification technologies, such as barcode reading in the US and automated BSN masking in the Netherlands to address local regulatory needs.

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10x the accuracy, powered by award-winning AI

Find even the most sophisticated and emerging fraud with Onfido Atlas™ AI. Our AI is built to perform for a global audience, safeguarding against biometric bias, while our micro-model AI architecture detects document fraud with pixel precision. Mitigate fraud attacks with confidence, while giving genuine customers a great experience.

Our in-house approach, built by 100s of engineers over a decade of experience in verifying identities, is how we improved our global false acceptance rates by 10x and deliver 95% of checks in under 10 seconds.

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No code and low-code integrations

Get up and running quickly with our developer-first integration experience. From no-code workflows with Onfido Studio to our out-of-the-box Smart Capture SDKs, to direct API integration, our solutions are all underpinned by our comprehensive developer documentation. And unlike Mitek, our full verification suite is available through a single API integration.

Maximize first-time pass rates with AI-guided image capture, providing real-time glare, blur, and face detection features built within Onfido’s Smart Capture SDKs. You can even leverage Smart Capture technology for verifications not processed with Onfido, using Custom Callbacks.

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