of global identity checks verified in a day

with a smarter approach to remote identity verification

The challenge

Neeyamo is a leading platform-based HR solutions provider, focused on delivering global HR services to multinational organizations with operations across a long-tail of countries. With more than 2,000 professionals serving clients across 190+ countries, Neeyamo’s portfolio of HR services includes Global Payroll, Multi-Process HRO covering global HR processes across ‘hire’ to ‘retire’, Global Background Screening, Cloud Transformation Services, and Global Benefits Management — to name a few.

As a part of its Background Screening offering, Neeyamo supports its customers by providing an ‘Identity Check’ service on candidates. In a crowded market, Neeyamo stands out from their competitors by offering a best-in-class service — a service that’s trusted, timely, and consistent.

As they expanded, Neeyamo was keen to adapt new technologies to compete. With identity checks being driven by country-specific regulations which required adherence to native screening compliances, Neeyamo split their manual verification process across geographies, with varying turnaround times (TAT) for each. A key driver of this varying TAT was the need for physical visits in certain countries. Furthermore, manual processes driven by human intervention provided a relative margin for error.

The solution

Neeyamo set out to streamline and automate their identity verification process and selected Onfido as its partner to assist them to strengthen their ability to perform global Identity checks and authenticate the applicant.

Candidates now simply take a photo of their ID using their smartphone and Onfido’s AI-enhanced technology performs real-time document analysis, assessing if the ID is genuine or fraudulent. This process not only minimizes the verification turnaround time but also enhances the overall candidate experience, making the process smooth and effortless.

Neeyamo chose Onfido as their partner of choice because of our global coverage, supporting over 4,600 document types in 195 countries, and our hybrid approach of AI and human experts, for a signifcant reduction in check turnaround time.

At Neeyamo we set ourselves apart from the market with a service that is trusted and marketleading. Our partners need to meet those standards, too. With Onfido, we know that we can verify applicants for our customers quickly, and we know that if Onfido approved the customer, they are legitimate.

Manas Das, Assistant VP, Neeyamo

The results

Partnering with Onfido has enabled Neeyamo to maximize its ability to enhance user convenience and strengthen protection against fraud through Onfido’s AI-enabled real identity Identity verification solution.

Critically, Onfido enables 'identity screening in a day', allowing Neeyamo to provide a faster turnaround to its customers globally, irrespective of their candidate’s location. The process to perform an identity check through Onfido is smooth and secure — which in-turn has helped enhance user experience, resulting in positive customer feedback.

Onfido has greatly simplified the process for performing global identity checks by removing the need for human intervention and conducting physical visits. This enables Neeyamo to verify 80% of checks to their customers within one day.

For each candidate that Onfido verifies, a high-level result is returned to Neeyamo, containing over 40 detailed sub-breakdowns for better clarity of the results provided.

In the future, Neeyamo will be working to integrate Onfido’s solution directly to its applicant interface for conducting identity checks, for a truly digital 'one stop shop' for managing applicant information. This will help complete identity screening in a couple of hours, if not minutes.

About Neeyamo

Neeyamo is a leading platform-based HR solutions provider, focused on delivering global HR services to multinational organizations with operations across a longtail of countries. As a pioneer in offering international pre and post-employment screening services, Neeyamo has always been at the forefront of providing world-class screening solutions to its customers.