In early October, we officially relaunched our customer advisory board program by inviting our new members to an executive offsite in Milan, Italy to discuss our product roadmap and voice thoughts on the future of the industry in an open forum. The event covered two major themes that we know are most relevant to our customers — digital IDs and fraud prevention.

Who attended our customer advisory board?

We had representatives from 10 customers present. All attendees are leaders who work closely with our products on a daily basis. This helped foster healthy discussion about what’s working and what we can improve on.

Three customers even graciously presented their approach to identity verification, sharing how they effectively onboard users, meet KYC and regulatory requirements, and how Onfido is supporting them.

In addition to our customers, we were joined by Annie Bailey (Research Strategy Director, KuppingerCole) who gave insight into where she believes the identity verification industry is headed.

What topics were covered at our customer advisory board?

All presentations were designed to either be fully interactive, with the majority of time spent on discussing different viewpoints and getting input from our customer advisory board members.

Onfido’s approach to digital IDs

Our CEO, Mike Tuchen, kicked off the day with a presentation on how we are approaching digital ID’s and what strategy we are implementing to benefit our customers. This drove some interesting conversation around how our customers are currently approaching digital IDs and how they might play an integral role for their own business goals moving forward. 


We then presented an overview of policy developments, with a focus on Europe. We introduced a framework explaining how we look at policy from a global, regional, and national level:

  1. ID proofing / eID;
  2. AML/KYC; and
  3. Tech aspects of policy (data, privacy, AI, etc) 

The presentation sparked healthy conversation about policy in Europe as well as policy implications around digital IDs and non-facial biometrics. 


We then led an interactive session on fraud where we gave an overview of fraud trends, including types of documents that are seeing more fraud, when fraud is happening, and data on the overall trend from forgeries (making changes to authentic docs) to counterfeits (generating a false physical doc). In this session, we shared with our customer advisory board members the trends we’re seeing in fraud, including the re-use of an image across multiple documents, the re-use of specific data fields in a document, and the signals we see when devices are re-used to perpetrate fraud (IP address re-used, etc). The presentation then highlighted the effectiveness of conducting a document and biometric verification, and highlighted the increased effectiveness of using Onfido Motion vs static selfie type biometric verification. With this backdrop, we then shared the capabilities we have developed to better deter fraud. 

Onfido Studio

We then provided a brief demo of Onfido Studio to the room, showcasing its identity workflow orchestration capabilities, ability to capture data on the effectiveness of different workflows, conduct A/B testing, and ultimately improve conversion and onboarding rates. 

Our roadmap

Finally, we gave an overview of our roadmap and provided clarity around timing for increased automation and specific availability of features in Onfido Studio. Our customers provided valuable insights and feedback which will ultimately solidify the direction of our roadmap.

What’s next?

Our customer advisory board program is more than just two events a year that customers attend and then forget about. We’re building a program that allows us to stay connected with customer advisory board members throughout the year, keeping us engaged and strengthening our partnerships.

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