Identity verification in an online world is complex. Businesses are under pressure to onboard good customers quickly, but fraudsters are constantly evolving. That's why we built Onfido Atlas, our award-winning AI, built from the ground up to power fair, fast and accurate identity verification.

Fair identity verification gives you better performance across a global market… for increased customer acquisition and lower fraud.

And fair results, start with good data. 

Our team of researchers and experts have worked over a decade to train our machine-learning models based on millions of global samples… 

So Atlas can tell what’s real, and what’s fraudulent. 

We carefully balance samples across demographics to reflect real-world variation in race and ethnicity. Then we train the models to reduce bias, and improve performance across demographic groups… making it easy for customers to access your business.     

That’s why we’ve won awards for Atlas’s bias mitigation, and how we give you market-leading results you can trust. 

Onfido Atlas helps give you fair results… but also helps you to not lose good customers by keeping them waiting. 

Fully automated identity verification means you get powerful analysis, fast: 95% of IDs are verified in under 10 seconds.

Improve turnaround times, clear rates and fraud accuracy – all with minimal friction to your customer.

Automation is how Onfido helps with surges in volume when manual processes can’t keep up. 

So performance is consistent whether you’re onboarding ten, or ten thousand people.