Interpol & Onfido: building a strong defense strategy

Fraud is happening 24/7. Unrelenting pressure from organized fraudsters and fraud rings means businesses who understand how fraudsters behave are better at protecting themselves. But, how can you spot fraudulent techniques and patterns?

In this webinar, Malik Alibegovic (Forensic Analyst at INTERPOL) Michael Van Gestel (Global Head of Fraud at Onfido) and Simon Horswell (Senior Fraud Expert at Onfido) discuss what they’re seeing in the market, and the strategies businesses can adopt to protect themselves.

Watch now to learn:

  • What fraud trends are most common across identity, document, and biometric verification
  • How to deal with the threats that accompany digitization
  • What prevention techniques are needed to protect your business
  • What kind of fraud is most often encountered with digital IDs
Interested in more insights?

Our identity fraud report contains expert analysis that dissects our proprietary data, market trends, and evaluates how businesses can protect themselves in the age of 24/7 fraud.

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