How can biometric innovations and AI technology help in the fight against AI-generated fraud?

FindBiometrics recently hosted an online event, “Biometrics and Mobile ID on the Innovation Highway,” featuring a fireside chat with Onfido’s renowned AI and identity technology expert Therese Stowell, VP of Product Management.

With all the talk about AI lately, this discussion looks to both the good and the bad ways that AI is being used by fraudsters and those looking to fight against fraud attempts.

Watch this video interview to discover: 

  • The most common types of fraud and how biometrics are addressing them 
  • How fraudsters are using AI tools like deepfakes and generative AI to power-up their attacks 
  • How innovators in biometrics and identity are staying competitive in the anti-fraud arms race
  • Steps you can take immediately to protect your organization against fraud

Take a listen to the interview and reach out if you have any questions.