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Automated KYC for France

Navigate AML and KYC compliance, stop fraud, and enable growth with remote automated identity verification. The Real Identity Platform is ETSI TS 119 461 certified and combines award-winning document and biometric verification, data validation, drag-and-drop orchestration and qualified electronic signature.

How can Onfido help?

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Navigate KYC regulations

Create digital onboarding journeys that are compliant and scalable, all in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

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Prevent organized fraud

Reduce the risk of identity fraud by identifying fraudsters using passive signals, powered by our award-winning Atlas™ AI.

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Digitize onboarding with confidence

Grow your business across digital channels with world-class verification experiences.

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Reduce complexity

Access global document verification, databases, no-code workflows, and SDKs in a single platform.

What are the KYC requirements in France?

The primary regulatory bodies for KYC in France are the French Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR) and Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). The primary AML regulation is the Code monétaire et financier (CMF) which in combination with eIDAS allows for several options to verify identity:

  • Using an eID (electronic identity) Art. R561-5-1 (1° & 2°)
  • Face to face physical verification Art. R561-5-1 (3°)
  • Implement 2 out of 6 of the following measures Art. R561-5-2:
    1. Obtain a copy of a customer’s identity document
    2. Certify the copy of the document
    3. Request a payment
    4. Confirm the identity with another bank
    5. Use an ANSSI PVID certified solution
    6. Request an eIDAS qualified electronic signature (QES)
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How can French businesses verify identity?

As eIDs are not yet widely available in France, businesses seeking to onboard users remotely are limited to obtaining a copy of a customer’s ID and then additionally:

  • Requesting an eIDAS-qualified electronic signature (QES)
  • Using an ANSSI PVID-certified solution
  • Requesting a payment
Identity verification report with QES

How does Onfido help?

Our solution is the first global IDV solution to be ETSI TS 119 461 certified and offer QES. Onfido’s Compliance Suite combines ETSI-certified identity verification with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) and One-time Password (OTP) to offer simple, seamless, and eIDAS-compliant onboarding.

Onfido Compliance Suite
A French identity document and qualified electronic signature

Identity verification solutions for KYC in France

A French and Romanian workflow

Onfido Compliance Suite

Onfido’s Compliance Suite is an off-the-shelf, AML-compliant onboarding solution. ETSI-certified identity verification (comprising Document Verification, Biometric Verification, and Device Intelligence) and QES are brought together in Onfido Studio, creating a flexible, user-friendly, and compliant end-to-end workflow.

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Smart Capture

Make document and biometric capture seamless with our Smart Capture SDKs. They feature glare and blur detection, multi-frame image capture, and WCAG AA accessibility features.

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IDV workflow in Onfido Studio

Onfido Studio

Build identity verification workflows according to your needs in our drag-and-drop orchestration tool. Your users are automatically routed to the path that makes the most sense for them to maximize conversion and minimize risk.

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Atlas AI

Atlas™ AI

The state-of-the-art AI powering the Real Identity Platform. It’s how we provide fair, fast, and accurate results.

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Compliance certifications

We help hundreds of businesses navigate compliance worldwide. Our solution meets ETSI TS 119 461, ETSI EN 319 401, eIDAS Regulation EU 2014/910, and the UK Government's Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.