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Why choose Onfido vs. Sumsub?

Discover a simple, flexible approach to identity verification. Onfido, an Entrust company, offers a seamless, no-code integration, a UX-centric smart capture experience, and AI trained to prevent up to 50% more fraud than competing approaches.

Protect your business from fraud with award-winning global document, biometric, and database verification. We offer the most comprehensive identity and security solutions to enhance growth and trust across digital transactions.

3 reasons to choose Onfido over Sumsub for IDV

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Discover Onfido’s
Real Identity Platform

Explore the full range of identity verification solutions and try Onfido’s no-code workflow builder with our interactive demo.

Comprehensive orchestration, no code required

Reduce costs, maximize conversion, and expand into new markets by creating tailored onboarding workflows in Onfido Studio. Our simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to deploy the right verification methods and fraud detection signals; including award-winning document and biometric verification solutions and trusted global databases. Stay compliant, prevent fraud, and optimize pass rates by verifying customers with the right method at the right time.  Try Studio now for free.

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Veriff Orchestration

Performance powered by Atlas AI

Our Atlas™ AI is built in-house by over 100 engineers and researchers, to deliver fair, fast, and accurate analysis. Traditional identity verification AI struggles to detect emerging fraud techniques. But Atlas’ micro-model architecture reacts fast to new attacks and provides an accurate analysis at a global scale. It’s how we return 95% of results in under 10 seconds and ensure high pass rates through anti-bias technology.

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World-class experiences with Smart Capture SDKs

Acquire more customers with a fast, efficient capture experience using Onfido’s Smart Capture SDKs. Built to maximize first-time pass rates with intelligent glare and blur detection features, it makes identity verification seamless for you and your customers.  

Our SDKs integrate with iOS, Android, and web and are used by experience-obsessed global enterprises and small businesses alike. Our comprehensive developer documentation is built to get your business up and running in days, not months.

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