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Join the Privacy Laws & Business community International Report Subscriptions Given the rate of change in law, regulation and business practice, it is essential to have concise and up to date information. PL&B is always relevant and continues to offer great value. Adam Green, Chief Risk Officer, Equiniti Satisfaction Guarantee If you are dissatisfied with the Report in any way, the unexpired portion of your subscription will be repaid. NK=páñ=áëëìÉë=éìÄäáëÜÉÇ=~ååì~ääó OK=låäáåÉ=ëÉ~êÅÜ=Äó=âÉóïçêÇ Search for the most relevant content from all PL&B publications and events. You can then click straight through from the search results into the PDF documents. PK=bäÉÅíêçåáÅ=sÉêëáçå we will email you the PDF edition which you can also access via the PL&B website. QK=m~éÉê=îÉêëáçå=~äëç=~î~áä~ÄäÉ Postal charges apply outside the UK. RK=kÉïë=réÇ~íÉë Additional email updates keep you regularly informed of the latest developments in Data Protection, Freedom of Information and relat- ed laws. SK=_~Åâ=fëëìÉë Access all PL&B UK Report back issues. TK=bîÉåíë=açÅìãÉåí~íáçå Access UK events documentation such as PL&B Annual International Conferences, in July, Cambridge. UK=eÉäéäáåÉ=båèìáêó=pÉêîáÅÉ Contact the PL&B team with questions such as the current status of legislation, and sources for specific texts. This service does not offer legal advice or provide consultancy. Stay informed of data protection legislative developments. Learn from others' experience through case studies and analysis. Incorporate compliance solutions into your business strategy. Learn about future government/ICO plans. Understand laws, regulations, court and tribunal decisions and what they will mean to you. Be alert to privacy and data protection law issues and tech developments that will affect your compliance and your reputation. The PL&B United Kingdom Report, published six times a year, covers the Data Protection Act 2018, the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Environmental Information regulations 2004 and Privacy and Electronic Communications regulations 2003. Included in your subscription: PL&B's United Kingdom Report will help you to: Privacy Laws & Business also publishes PL&B International Report, the world's longest running international privacy laws publication, now in its 33rd year. Comprehensive global news, currently on 165+ countries, legal analysis, management guidance and corporate case studies on privacy and data protection, written by expert contributors Read in more than 50 countries by regulators, managers, lawyers, and academics. Subscription licences are available: • Single use • Multiple use • Enterprise basis • Introductory, two and three years discounted options Full subscription information is at

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