Document verification

Enable secure and compliant global onboarding with Onfido’s document verification.

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The challenge

Whether it's due to regulatory mandates, susceptibility to fraud, or lack of coverage, database checks alone can't always be relied on to deliver an appropriate level of assurance in a customer's identity. Our document check gives your business confidence in a customer’s identity by verifying a legal document.

How can document verification help?

Verify identity wherever you operate

Our ID check helps meet customer identity regulation around the world. We support over 2,500 of the world’s documents and are always adding more - ensuring users aren’t turned away because their documents are unsupported. Our AI powered technology means we can scale to meet surges in demand at a moment's notice.

Stop fraud at the door with Atlas™ AI  

Our world-leading document specialist team is constantly monitoring emerging fraud techniques, new document security features and revisions to document templates in circulation. They partner with Interpol to share this knowledge with border officials around the world, and train our AI and human experts with the same knowledge to protect your business. 

Atlas, our proprietary AI has been built from the ground up over 10 years, by a team of 200+ engineers and researchers and is based on the learnings of processing tens of millions of documents globally. It’s built on 10,000+ micro-models trained to detect specific fraud attack vectors with precision - and is constantly being retrained to keep your business safe.

Easy for you and your customers

Our user experience is built with conversion in mind. All a customer needs to do is take a photo of their ID. To assist in this process our Smart Capture SDK provides seamless auto-capture technology and real-time feedback to prevent glare, blur and cut-off documents to maximize conversion. 

If NFC is supported by the document, we guide customers to tap it against their phone. We then read the document's biometric chip to further improve conversion and security. 

Our web, Android and iOS Smart Capture SDKs are a breeze for you, and your customers. They guide users to capture their document on their mobile device - regardless of whether they started their journey on web or mobile. They’re simple to integrate thanks to our clear developer documentation and single API.

10,000+ AI micro-models trained to detect specific fraud attack vectors with precision 

How it works

  1. A user is directed to capture a document by taking a photo of it using their smartphone or webcam. If using an NFC enabled smartphone and document, we direct them to tap their document on their phone so we can authenticate the document using additional security features.  
  2. Atlas AI processes the captures, analyzing datapoints including images, machine-readable-zones, barcodes QR codes and NFC chips. 
  3. Results are returned to you via our API or dashboard with a topline result of clear or consider. We also provide 38 result breakdowns so you know why decisions have been made, and can configure custom logic to automate appropriate actions. 

Learn more about how we drive value in our customer case studies.

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