ID record check

Verify user identities for KYC and age verification requirements.

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Business challenge

Navigate regulatory requirements at speed, without adding additional friction to your user experience.

Onfido’s ID record check validates user information against comprehensive databases in seconds, so you can fulfil regulatory requirements and age verification needs globally.

How can ID record check help?

Address KYC requirements with zero additional friction

Fast, easy and efficient for your business and users. Our soft credit bureau searches have no impact on applicant credit scores.

Verify credentials worldwide

Verify user information isn’t fictitious in seconds. We verify data against comprehensive databases in 160 countries, including voter registers, consumer, credit, and utility databases.

Age verification in seconds

If you need to verify the age of your users, you can configure custom logic to automatically pass or fail applicants based on your specific requirements.

160+ Countries covered globally.

How it works

The user provides their name, date of birth, address and social security number (if applicable) at sign-up.

We validate this data against data sources specific to the geography of the applicant, including voter registers, consumer, credit, and utility databases.

Results are delivered to the Onfido dashboard, or directly via the API in seconds. Custom logic can automate decisioning and next steps for the applicant.

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