Inside the Fraud Lab

New podcast and video series shares industry news and insights from fraud experts and special guests on topics ranging from fraud rings to synthetic identities and deepfakes

Onfido, the global leader in automated identity verification, today announces the launch of its ‘Inside the Fraud Lab’ podcast channel and ‘The Fraud Lab’ video series. Released following Onfido’s 2024 Identity Fraud Report, these educational resources offer an exclusive insider perspective into the complex world of fraud, digital identity and AI, bringing together in-house experts and industry specialists from fintech, crypto and banking companies globally. 

Onfido’s ‘Inside the Fraud Lab’ podcast, developed in partnership with Caspian Studios, dives into digital identity, identity verification, fraud detection, customer onboarding, and regulatory compliance for a mix of diverse and compelling content. By creating an open space for experts to share commentary on different user experience scenarios and security strategies, the podcast engages with compliance, product, security and operation professionals with innovative ideas and solutions to complex topics. The podcast will be available for streaming on popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Music as well as from 24th January 2024.  

Onfido’s new video series - ‘The Fraud Lab’ - offers an entertaining yet informative exploration of emerging threats and fraud prevention techniques, taking viewers directly behind the scenes of Onfido’s Fraud Lab. Bringing together fraud experts and special guests, this video series combines industry knowledge with creative storytelling, presenting complex fraud topics in an engaging and clear way. Viewers will find demonstrations and insightful discussions on topics like biometric fraud, deepfakes, and AI’s role in security. This ongoing series helps businesses take a proactive approach to mitigating fraud and protecting their business, allowing them to navigate the ever-evolving fraud landscape. Episode 1, “Phishing for trouble: What’s the key to navigating fraud?”, is available now.

On release of the multimedia series, Nate Skinner, Onfido’s Chief Marketing Officer, commented: “We are thrilled to launch Onfido’s ‘Inside the Fraud Lab’ podcast and ‘The Fraud Lab’ video series, offering businesses expert insights in an engaging way. It brings new formats where we can share with audiences what we, and other industry leaders, are experiencing on the front lines to offer analysis on the latest identity fraud trends, compliance, and data-driven customer acquisition tips. These initiatives represent Onfido’s commitment to simplifying digital identity for everyone, and enabling businesses to excel in the way they approach and deploy digital identity.”  

Listen to the trailer for the ​​Inside the Fraud Lab Podcast on Spotify here, and Apple Music here. Episode 1 launches 24th January 2025.

Watch and subscribe to The Fraud Lab Video Series, episode 1 available here.