Fundof debuts free Visa debit card for content creators powered by Intergiro and Onfido blog image

Fundof, a platform that provides smart payments for creators, has partnered with Onfido and Intergiro, to launch a free Visa™ debit card and payment account conceived for creators, enabling them to spend and transfer their earned donations instantly.

Fundof solves two issues every creator faces: having to combine bio link tools with different online payment services and, worse, waiting days or longer for funds after receiving donations from fans. Fundof provides a bio link tool with an integrated tip jar, plus an account featuring a free Visa debit card, all in one service. On their Fundof profiles, users can create a storefront including all their valuable links and accept donations on the same page. Thanks to the Visa card, users can instantly spend the tips and payments they receive through Fundof, without having to wait for a bank transfer or extra fees.

Fundof is partnering with Onfido and Intergiro to onboard customers to the Fundof platform in 30 European countries, including France, Netherlands and Germany. Content creators are able to sign up by simply taking a photo of their government-issued identity document (ID) and a selfie. Onfido first checks that the ID is genuine and not fraudulent, and then matches it to the user’s selfie. This ensures the person presenting the identity is its legitimate owner and is physically present, mitigating attempts of creating fake accounts, money laundering or spreading false information. 

After this 30-second process of identity verification and confirmation from Interigo’s automated onboarding system, content creators are then given a free Fundof payment account and Visa debit card powered by Intergiro's embedded banking technology, so they can immediately spend, transfer and receive funds from followers all over the world straight from their Fundof account.

Fundof makes interacting with fans and receiving support easy and instant. In many countries, people don't pay in cash anymore, but now fans can tip via a QR code and we receive payment instantly ready to use with the Visa debit card. This alleviates the burden of having to carry around a bunch of heavy change from the tips we get.

Johannes, from the Berlin-based band Bad Hammer

"Onboarding onto the platform was quick and seamless, and fans can be reassured we are the real Bad Hammer band and not a fraudulent account, thanks to the identity verification process. Fundof has changed the way we operate as a band as we can stay connected with our fans through the profile page with all the relevant links to our music, videos, our merchandise, and our social pages. And as it integrates with the direct payment function, the Fundof debit card gives instant access to funds after a tip from a fan. We can receive tips and the next second spend it towards the next music video or on a nice cup of coffee."

Fundof is all about seamless tipping and instant access to funds, and the only way to achieve this in a secure and trusted way was through this unique collaboration with Onfido and Intergiro. We wanted to create the ultimate tool to help content creators get paid and for their loyal fans to be able to support with just one click on any platform.

Joakim Hultin, co-founder of Fundof

“Being able to verify the identity of Fundof users helps build trust throughout its community of content creators,” said Alex Valle, Chief Product Officer at Onfido. “Users increasingly expect a user-friendly and fast digital experience, and we’re pleased to be supporting Fundof to scale and meet regulations while mitigating fraud. Onfido provides an experience that is both fast and secure, enabling a transparent and safe environment for content creators to get rewarded from their followers.”

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Fundof and Onfido,” said Adam Sadler, Chief Revenue Officer at Intergiro. “Accessing our embedded banking APIs allows any business to add financial services to their business model. We love that Fundof has identified an opportunity to service a quickly growing market of content creators with a truly innovative product."